25 Reasons to Celebrate 25 Years!

Have you seen our newest advertising campaign? If not, check it out here. We’re celebrating 25 years with 25 reasons to celebrate progress of Omaha’s women and girls:

Reason #1: Everything we do — from giving grants to providing bold solutions to tough problems — is rooted in research.

Reason #2: We strive to make sure every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential.

Reason #3: We have invested $4.5 Million in Omaha’s women and girls over the past 25 years.

Reason #4: We educate our community on issues important to women, like gender equity in leadership.

Reason #5: We turn research into action by finding policy solutions that improve the lives of women.

Reason #6: We’ve prepared more than 200 women to run for local office through our bipartisan Ready to Run workshops.

Reason #7: We take on big problems, like tackling Douglas County’s alarmingly high rate of STDs through our Adolescent Health Project.

Reason #8: We’re building the next generation of leaders, and the Women’s Fund has a place at the table for everyone.

Reason #9: The biggest reason is wide-scale support of Omaha’s women and girls. We’ve come a long way in 25 years, but there is still plenty of work to do. Join us.

Reason #10: Our annual luncheon, at which we gather business and community leaders to hear important messages on women in leadership, diversity and business. This year we are expecting record-breaking attendance once again, with 1,500 attendees.

Reason #11: Our Board of Directors, which is committed to our long term sustainability, to ensure that there will always be a Women’s Fund of Omaha to support the future generations of women and girls in our community.

Reason #12: Our Circles group, which we formed in 2011 to provide young women with opportunities to network with community leaders and learn about philanthropy and issues affecting women and girls in Omaha.

Reason #13: Our executive director Michelle Zych, who, through her unique leadership style, has created an empowering work environment that brings out the best in those around her. Michelle invites everyone into the conversation to effectively create systemic change in our community.

Reason #14: Our Adolescent Health Project Coordinator Brenda Council, who brings an incredible amount of experience to WF and has a true passion for creating a stronger, more vibrant Omaha. She uses this passion, along with her compassion and zeal, to organize and direct our efforts to decrease sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy in our community.

Reason #15: Our Adolescent Health Project Training and Education Coordinator Lisa Schulze, who uses her intense knowledge base and accessibility to educate everyone about the need for medically accurate, comprehensive sex education in our state.

Reason #16: Our Trafficking Response Coordinator Meghan Malik, who brings the community together to address the issue of sex trafficking in Nebraska. She works diligently to bring everyone to the table to unify efforts to combat sex trafficking, while coordinating both the public and private sectors.

Reason #17: Our Operations Manager Erin McArthur, who is the glue that holds us all together and keeps everyone moving forward. She is the ultimate voice of reason. Her smarts, sense of humor and keen eye for detail is the magic that makes it possible for the WF to take on bold issues.

Reason #18: Our Marketing and PR Manager Jen Pavkov, who brings new and fresh ideas to the table, using her creativity and marketing savvy to make everyone aware of the crucial work of the Women’s Fund.

Reason #19: Our newly formed Legacy League group, formed to teach young girls, ages 8 to 18, about leadership and philanthropy.

Reason #20: Today’s Omaha Woman, the Women’s Fund’s quarterly magazine created 18 years ago to educate the public on issues facing women and girls in our community.

Reason #21: Our ability to Lead Change— as a convener of solutions rather than a direct service provider. We bring together key community members to connect ideas to research and resources, and lead the charge toward systemic change for Omaha.

Reason #22: Our inspiring annual luncheon speakers. We can’t wait to hear Barbara Corcoran of the ABC hit television series, Shark Tank, as our featured keynote speaker at our 25th anniversary celebration this October.

Reason #23: Our founders—a small group of visionary women leaders in Omaha who, in 1990, recognized that issues and programs affecting women were not receiving sufficient funding. They established the Women’s Fund within the Omaha Community Foundation through a grant from the Ford/MacArthur Foundation. Twenty-five years later, the Women’s Fund remains a trusted expert in the community.

Reason #24: Our Recycled Rides grant, through which we have connected six deserving young women to receive a free refurbished vehicle.

Reason #25: Our donors, without whom we could not do this important work. We receive crucial support from individuals, small businesses, large corporations and private foundations. Join us! Your donation ensures the future of all women and girls in our community.

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