The Women’s Fund of Omaha collaborates with a number of agencies to continuously assess and enhance how our community responds to domestic and sexual violence. Through building relationships and gathering and analyzing local data, we bring research and best practices based solutions to some of the largest issues in our community. In doing this, the Women’s Fund provides leadership to two local teams and their many projects.

Douglas County’s Domestic Violence Community Response Team (CRT) and Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) are committed to improving victim safety and holding offenders accountable. These teams constantly strive to improve how each agency responds to these crimes. They do this by sharing information, identifying issues, providing training and changing practices to make the system response effective.

Agencies involved focus on a broad range of issues in criminal justice and civil systems, the child welfare system, advocacy, healthcare and other ‘systems’ that impact domestic and sexual violence victims and have contact with offenders.

Both teams meet regularly and include representatives from victim services, law enforcement, prosecution, probation, all three hospital systems’ SANE nurses (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners), the US Attorney’s Office, child welfare, immigration specialists, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and the military.