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To better understand paths to leadership and key elements contributing to the success of women who have made it to the top, the Women’s Fund interviewed nearly 50 female executives. Their candid answers to questions on personal choices made to reach a leadership position, how they manage their time, their greatest successes, challenges they’ve overcome, the value of mentors and sponsors, and more are included in “Leadership Conversations.”

Among the findings from these interviews with female executives:

  • 70% cited the ability to listen as a key factor in good communication, and 66% thought women have a tendency to be better listeners than men.
  • 68% of the women executives noted having a strong female role model.
  • 77% said networking had been a factor in their success.
  • More than half (57%) noted their family was their greatest success

“I don’t know how you find jobs these days without a strong network. They propel you to the next level,” one executive replied to the question, “Has networking been a factor in your success?”

Download the Leadership Conversations Report (PDF)