The Women’s Fund of Omaha advocates for legislation in four key priority areas–economic self-sufficiency, sexual literacy, women’s leadership and violence against women. We identify critical issues, provide data-driven research to legislators, develop strategic partnerships, and engage the broader community.

Your voice matters! Join with us as we advocate for effective policy to pave the way for every woman and girl to have the opportunity to reach her full potential. We need your voice to help us move forward legislation around the following issues:

  • Payday Lending Reform: Nebraska has one of the highest annual percentage rates (APR) for payday loans at roughly 460%. We will work for reform that lowers the cost and ensures other consumer protections for small-dollar loans. Learn More.
  • Paid Family & Medical Leave: Working with our partners, we will push for a bill that increases access to paid family and medical leave. This is critical for women’s ability to provide for their families, and to build and maintain their economic security.
  • Equal Pay: On average, Nebraska women earn 73% of what men earn. The gap widens further for women of color. We will work with key senators on provisions to narrow this pay gap. Join us for an UNhappy Hour on April 10.
  • Sex Trafficking: Survivors/victims of sex trafficking are regularly convicted for crimes they didn’t choose to commit. Unjust criminal records harm survivors/victims of sex trafficking and can prevent them from accessing housing, employment and education. We will work with our allies to push forward comprehensive legislation to provide victims/survivors a pathway to rebuild their lives without the burden of a criminal conviction. Learn more.
  • Family Planning: Public policy that increases access to family planning services will improve economic opportunities for women.[1] We will work to secure a bill that will increase access to family planning services for low-income women through Medicaid.

How can you help?

We are lucky to call ourselves Nebraskans, especially when it comes to public policy. Nebraska’s Unicameral system is designed to ensure the citizens of our great state serve as the second house. There is no other system as transparent and accessible as Nebraska’s. There are many ways you can help advocate for policy that will allow every woman and girl the opportunity to reach her full potential.

  • Get to know your State Senator! State senators are happy to meet with constituents to discuss the issues you care about. Call them up, invite them to coffee, they really want to hear from you! You can find your state senator under “Find Senator” on the Legislature’s website.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and respond to our calls to action! We will let you know when a critical vote is about to happen and you can add your voice to the debate! Constituent contact makes a big difference!
  • Write a letter-to-the-editor on one (or all!) of these issues!
  • Testify at a hearing. Anyone can testify and every bill receives a public hearing.
  • Attend our Unicameral Lobby Day (TBA) to meet with your Senator and talk to them about important policy issues for women and girls.

We look forward to advocating for women and girls with you!

[1] According to the Brookings Institute, women who experience unintended pregnancies are less likely to graduate from college, and have lower levels of labor-force participation.