Kelsey Waldron

Kelsey Waldron

Policy and Research Associate

She / Her / Hers

Kelsey joined the Women’s Fund in August 2018 as a year-long Weitz Fellow, after graduating from Carleton College with a Bachelor of Arts in History, focusing in Asian History. In July 2019, Kelsey became a full-time Policy and Research Associate with the Women’s Fund. In her new role, she supports our public policy efforts and collaborates on new ways of expanding local policy impact. She is particularly motivated to increase accessibility of the legislature and local elected bodies through building further community engagement.

She is passionate about working from trauma-informed frameworks and rethinking the way in which narratives are constructed and the power dynamics that produce such construction.

“There's power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there's grace in being willing to know and hear others. This, for me, is how we become.”

- Michelle Obama