Stop Trafficking Together–How to Get Involved

Every month in Nebraska, 900 individuals are for sale for sex online with about 75 percent of these individuals showing indicators of trafficking.

Leading up to the College World Series and throughout the month of June, we will provide champions, advocates and community partners with some of the tools and resources necessary to raise public awareness about what commercial sexual exploitation looks like in our community.

By working together, we can decrease sex trafficking in our communities. Here are some ways you can get involved!

Share information via your social media.

We’ve created a number of shareable assets to make social sharing easy for you. Be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for even more Not On My Watch content about how we can work together to stop sex trafficking. Follow along the conversation using #StopTraffickingTogether.

You can also share one (or all) of these messages on your social media to raise awareness among your followers and help us #StopTraffickingTogether.

  • Sex trafficking happens in every zip code across our state. No community/neighborhood is immune. Learn the signs at
  • Sex trafficking is happening in every zip code across our state. According to the research, 70-75% of individuals sold for sex in Nebraska show some sign of being underage or controlled by a third party–both indicators of trafficking.
  • Commercial sexual exploitation is violent, manipulative and full of false promises. Victims are rarely locked away but instead, held captive in plain view, disguised as relatives/friends of their trafficker. If you suspect someone is a victim or perpetrator, call 888-373-7888.

Continue the conversation with your family, friends and neighbors. Let them know that commercial sexual exploitation will not be tolerated in our communities. To make it easier, we’ve provided some research to help you.

Additionally, we’ll be sharing Not On My Watch social content throughout June to raise awareness about commercial sexual exploitation, educate on the signs and share information on how you can get involved.

Learn more at

With increased community awareness, anyone can recognize the signs of someone being trafficked for sexual exploitation. Get more information about the collaborative effort to stop trafficking together.