Women’s Fund Employee Spotlight: Maya Solarana

We’re shining the spotlight on Maya Solarana, Marian Ivers Intern at the Women’s Fund of Omaha, who joined the team in August 2019. She also spent time as a Get Checked Omaha Ambassador at this year’s Maha Music Festival. Maya works with the public awareness team on marketing campaigns and social media content that educates adolescents on sexual health. Maya is currently a full-time student at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) majoring in Journalism & Media Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Communication Studies.

While being a student at UNO, she also works with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) as the Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Diversity. She is also an account associate for the student-run PR firm called MaverickPR.

We sat down with Maya and asked her a few questions about her experience at the Women’s Fund so far, and what she likes to do outside of work.

What’s your favorite part of working for the Women’s Fund?

I really enjoy the creative freedom that comes with developing content for social media. It’s so structured but at the same time I get to have a lot of fun with it. It’s also great to work with people who have the same passion as I do to create change.

Describe the Women’s Fund in 3 words.

Aware, Passionate, and Brave.

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite thing to do?

I enjoy hanging out with my mom’s dogs. She has four dogs so it’s always exciting going over to her house and receiving love from them. I also like to hang out with my friends as much as possible because I know once we graduate, we will all be across the country and we won’t get to see one another as often as we do now.

What’s one goal you hope to accomplish in the next year?

In the next year I hope to have graduated and gotten a full-time job in either Minneapolis or New York City.

What’s the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever done?

This past spring, I worked at some of the Genius of Warren Buffett classes. It was interesting to meet people from across the globe in one place wanting to learn the ways of Warren Buffett. I mostly set up snacks, organized check-in and held doors.

What are you listening to these days?

I listen to one podcast only right now, “The Nod.” It’s centered around Black culture and is hosted by two best friends based in New York. Otherwise, I listen to a lot of hip hop and rap from the 90s up to about 2016.

If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would you like to see cast as you?

I would like to see Lizzo as me. She is someone who I can relate to so much with being so body positive and wanting to celebrate yourself. She’s so passionate about her work and it inspires me.