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About the Group

“I’m delighted to be a part of the Circles group; in a few short months it has already been very stimulating for me and I know there is tremendous potential for us to make a positive impact.” – Circles member Angela Cooper

The Women’s Fund Circles is a network of professional women passionate about the future and well-being of women and girls in our community. Circles supports the vision and mission of the Women’s Fund of Omaha, which serves to identify critical issues, fund innovative solutions and lead change for women and girls in our community. Apply online here.

Circles serves to create relationships among women who will be the next generation of leaders and doers in our community.

Circles focus is to develop the whole women and tomorrow’s diverse leaders in three ways:

  • Professional development by networking with women who have a variety of career experiences.
  • Philanthropically by providing opportunities to help women and girls in the community.
  • Personally by creating a supportive community that builds connections.

Read Circle’s alumnae Julie Luzarraga’s blog on her involvement with Circles.

Young women leaders apply for membership through an annual application process in September. Members serve a three-year term.


Applications are available until August 19, 2016. Apply online here.

Circles members are selected for three-year terms based on community involvement, contributions in their workplace and their vision for young women in Omaha.

Membership is limited and requires a $100 annual donation to the Women’s Fund.

Circles Members

Launched in 2011, Circles provides young women with opportunities to network, learn about philanthropy and issues affecting women and girls in Omaha, and connect with female leaders throughout our community.

A steering committee, working in conjunction with a Women’s Fund advisory group, provides direction and execution for Women’s Fund Circles activities and communications.

Steering Committee members are:

Emily Andres
Jessica Charlsen
Krissy Hamm
Lauren Huber
Jina Picarella
Meggan Thomas
Wendy Townley

Additional 2016 members are:

Emily Andres
Samantha Antes
Haley Armstrong
Pauli Bishop
Hillary Bobys
Tanishia Butler
Ravan Charles
Jessica Charlsen
Trisha Clark
Meg Davies
Amanda DeBoer
Carla DeVelder
Audrey Dobbe
Nadira Ford-Robbins
Melissa Glenn
Jennifer Green
Krissy Hamm
Nicole Hanson
Jean Hartnett
Amy Holmes
Lauren Huber
Gwen Inglis-Steinfeld
Shannon Jones
Sheena Kennedy
Liz Kerrigan
Amie Konwinski
Diane Kortus
Angela Lennon
Kristen Lilla
Jenn Locke
Naomi Lyon
Marjorie Maas
Teresa Mardesen
Emily McElravy
Jodie McGill
Tracy McTavish Mlady
Jessica Moore
Beth Morrissette
Emily Nohner
Jennifer Patten Benson
Ferial Pearson
Jina Picarella
Emily Poeschl
Tunette Powell
Alysia Radicia
Elsa Ramon-Moody
Sharon Robino-West
Sarah Ruttle
AshLynn Samuel
Becky Scherbring
Jennifer Shukert
Elizabeth Simon
Sarah Sjolie
Ashlei Spivey
Tanya Spratt
Julie Strzyz
Jara Sturdivant-Wilson
Meggan Thomas
Melissa Tibbits
Wendy Townley
Katie Triplett
Nichole Turgeon
Cornelia Vremes
Kristin Walsh
Jeanette Weber
Kendra Whitlock Ingram
Paige Winkler
Megan Wright
Sakura Yodogawa-Campbell