A community full of support and empowerment.

Circles is a diverse network of professionals who support the mission of the Women’s Fund to improve the lives of all women, girls and anyone facing gender-based oppression in our community while creating a space where members can build authentic relationships with one another.

Shared Vision

Circles has a shared vision with the Women’s Fund, a community where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Circles Mission Statement

Circles is a diverse network of leaders who support the mission of the Women’s Fund. Through Circles, members cultivate authentic relationships and leverage a community that supports and empowers each other.

Circles Inclusion Statement

Women’s Fund Circles is intentional about creating a community that builds bold and affirming spaces to create authentic relationships and develop leadership for individuals that face gender-based oppression (this includes cis and trans women as well as nonbinary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.)

Circles members can expect:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Project work that advances the mission of the Women’s Fund and your own personal passions
  • Relationships that will last well beyond the three years of active membership
  • To serve as an ambassador for women, girls and anyone facing gender-based oppression in the community through work with the Women’s Fund

Circles members serve a three-year term with applications opening in July. Each class is greater than 15 but not larger than 55 members. The attendance requirement for membership is to attend 75% of the monthly meetings, committee meetings as needed, participation in a group project, and attendance in least two Women’s Fund events a year. In addition we require a yearly $100 donation to the Women’s Fund, some scholarships are available.

“I’m delighted to be a part of the Circles group; in a few short months it has already been very stimulating for me and I know there is tremendous potential for us to make a positive impact.”

- Circles member Angela Cooper


Circles members are selected for three-year terms based on community involvement, contributions in their workplace and their vision for all women in Omaha.

Candi Jones, President
Megan Falke, Vice President
Melissa Smith, Legacy
Sapphire Andersen
Yuri Doku
Marisa Hattab
Bekah Jerde
Giovanni Jones

Leressa Jordan Joiner
Rebecca Langle
Maria Miranda
Kelly Nielsen
Lachelle Rankins
Tracy Scott
Rachel Vaca-Lubischer

Diane Amdor
Sapphire Andersen
Jennifer Anderson
Mimi Arabalo
Christine Arellano
Kelsey Arends
Rebecca Armstrong Langle
Leia Baez
Mariela Bahena
Kamrin Baker
April M Basile
Melissa Belle Sytsma
Jodi Benenson
Sara Bharwani
Denise Blaya Powell
Sara Bristol
Bridget Bumgardner
Christine Cady-Jones
Nicky Clark
Darcy Covert
Andi Curry Grubb
Christina Cutucache
Taylor Daniels
Dafnis Delgado
Yuriko Doku
Abby Drucker
Sydney Jo Embray
Mary K Ensz
Erin Fairchild
Megan Falke
Dawni Freeman
Taylor Givens-Dunn
Toni Goins-Brockman
Claudia Granillo
Farah Greenwald
Kellee Grimes
Rachel Grossman
Marisa Hattab
Racquel Henderson
Rosey Higgs
Tracy Hightower-Henne
Susan Hiley
Dasia Horne
Kirsten Ipock
Latina Jackson
Courtney Jacobsen Foy
Bekah Jerde
Emma Johnson
Laressa Joiner
Candias Jones
Giovanni Jones
Karrissa Jyles
Wendy Beth Kaiser
Sheila Karpf
Ally Sophia Karsyn
Stephanie Kidd

Karen Klingberg
Kirsten Koba
Courtni Kopietz
Keegan Korf
Andrea Lawse
Elle Lien
Victoria Lynch
Katherine MacHolmes
Michele Magner
Laura Marlane
Courtney Mattern
Amanda McGill Johnson
Monica Meier
Keri Menage
Lauren Micek Vargas
Angie Miller
Maria Miranda
Jacquelyn Morrison
Tina Murray
Kelly Nielson
Caitlin Osborn
Devin Owens
Anna Oyer
Andrea Padilla-Rosas
Katie Panton
Alexis Pappas
Georgia Parment
Nicole Paul
Lucia Pedroza
Bethany Perry
Aprille Phillips
Morghan Price
Lachelle Rankins
Kalisha Reed
Diana Rogel
Nereida Rojas Lopez
Tracy Scott
Iris Servellon
Sarah Smolen
Mynesha Spencer
Angel Starks
Halley Taylor
Heather Tedesco
Katie B Temple
Kathryn Thompson
Tsui Ling Toomer Martin
Gina Tranisi
Ashley Rae Turner
Kathleen Ulrich
Rachel Vaca-Lubisher
Yesenia Valenzuela
Bre-Anna White
Paula Wilson
Summer Woolsey
Keli Wragge
Cleo Zagurski