2020 Legislative Preview

Somehow, it is already mid-December, and we are in full preparation mode for the beginning of the legislative session on January 8 (in approximately 23 days, 1 hour, and 33 seconds, but who’s counting?!).

Here are three ways you can prep for the session:

  • Find out who your state senator is by entering your address here. That way, when you need to weigh in, you know exactly who to contact.
  • Send an email to your state senator before the session starts to introduce yourself. We’ve included some sample text below. Thank them for their commitment to making our state better (even if you don’t always agree on how to accomplish that shared goal—being an elected official is not easy). A simple email is a good opportunity to open of the line of communication. Let your senator know you’ll be reaching out during the session to share your thoughts on issues important to you, your family and friends, and your community.
    • Hi Senator _____________. My name is ___________. I live in your district at [insert your address and city]. In anticipation of the upcoming legislative session, I’m reaching out to thank you for representing our community at the Legislature. I know it is a lot of time away from your life and your family, and I appreciate your commitment to making our state the best it can be. This is a goal we share, and I will be reaching out throughout the session to express my position on issues before the Legislature. I am particularly interested in those issues that impact opportunities for women and girls, such as domestic and sexual violence, economic stability and access to reproductive health care. Thanks again for your service!
  • Follow the Women’s Fund on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to receive real-time updates on our legislative efforts–as we do our best not to overcrowd your inbox. Sign up for email alerts online!

During the upcoming session (January – April), we will continue to advocate for effective policy solutions that impact women and girls. Here’s a preview of the issues within our four priority areas-—economic security, freedom from violence, sexual literacy and women in leadership—we’ll be working on:

  • Advocating for sufficient funding to ensure that sexual assault kits are processed in a timely manner;
  • Building a system of services to support trafficking survivors—both youth and adults;
  • Enacting a Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights;
  • Assisting law enforcement and survivors of trafficking and violent crimes in their pursuit of justice by clarifying the process for T & U visas;
  • Supporting parents and caregivers with paid leave programs to care for themselves and their families;
  • Increasing access to affordable childcare, so parents don’t have to choose between work and childcare;
  • Supporting the economic stability of women and families by enacting strong consumer protections to ensure payday loans and other predatory lending practices don’t trap borrowers in a cycle of debt; and
  • Protecting and supporting access to family planning services for all Nebraskans.

We’ll need your voice to speak up for women and girls! Advocacy is what keeps our work moving forward, and we’re honored to continue these efforts with you. We will keep you updated every step of the way and let you know when it’s time to contact your senators.

Thank you for continuing to advocate for women and girls!