2020 Legislative Update: July 17

The Legislature will reconvene on Monday, July 20 to complete the remaining 17 days of the 2020 session. In these final days, policymakers have a tremendous opportunity to respond to the enormity of this moment—and the power to affect change at a time where both a global public health pandemic and racial uprising and reckoning are deeply impacting people across our state.

There are opportunities in the remaining days of the session for the Legislature to craft an impactful response to the expansive needs of communities, and we remain committed to advocating for women and girls.

Pandemic Relief Plan for Nebraska Communities

Along with our partners at Nebraska Appleseed and Voices for Children in Nebraska, we have outlined a “Pandemic Relief Plan for Nebraska Communities” which includes policy proposals to respond to the immediate and long-term needs of Nebraskans. Without action, we fear that the needs for essentials like food, housing and childcare will continue to grow exponentially.

Women, particularly women of color, have been on the front lines of pandemic—as essential workers and as those disproportionately impacted by job loss. Women also shoulder the majority of caregiving responsibilities for children and aging parents, including piecing together care for their kids in the face of school and daycare closures, while also keeping up with job responsibilities and trying to make ends meet. Together, we ask policymakers to rise to the occasion and meet this moment of need for women and their families across our state.

It’s time to get to work for working Nebraskans. If you want to see the Legislature provide coronavirus relief to working Nebraskans, contact your Senator (email or phone) and ask them to prioritize the needs of working Nebraskans.

Additional Bills to be Finalized this Session

SUPPORT! Natural Hair Non-Discrimination (LB 1060)

This bill would promote workplaces free of racial discrimination as it includes natural hair in the definition of race for our Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act. Under the law, it would be illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee’s natural hair. See our fact sheet and additional resources from our partners at I Be Black Girl about how senators voted during the first round, who to contact and sample scripts of how to advocate to end natural hair discrimination in the workplace.

SUPPORT! Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights (LB 43)

While this bill passed during the first round of debate with no opposition, there is still an opportunity to reach out to your Senator and thank them for their support, or if they are listed as not voting, please ask for their support of sexual assault survivors and LB 43. See our fact sheet for more details.

OPPOSE! Bans a Method of Abortion (LB 814)

This bill puts politics between a woman and their doctor, and puts reproductive health care further out of reach for people across the state. While the bill is still in committee, it has been prioritized, and there will be significant efforts to move the bill forward. Contact your Senator (email or phone) and let them know you oppose this bill and want them to prioritize policy that will support Nebraskans in rebuilding from this pandemic with the limited legislative days remaining.

Final Action Steps to Take Now

Advocacy keeps our work moving forward, but we cannot continue without your voice. Oppressive systems count on your silence. Now is the time to speak up! Your voice is needed for women and girls.