2020 Legislative Update: February 19

This is an important week at the Nebraska Legislature with big deadlines looming—dates by which senators, committees and the Speaker must designate their priority bills. Priority designation essentially jumps a bill up the list and helps to ensure that the issue is considered by the full body. So, by the end of this week, we’ll have a better sense of the playing field for the remainder of the session. And rest assured, we’re working hard to ensure that women and girls receive the priority they deserve.

There are some important hearings this week:

Abortion Ban – LB 814 bans a method of abortion. Fundamentally, we trust women to make health care decisions that are best for herself and her family. Medically, there is no reason to deny women and their doctors the ability to use this method of abortion care that is being banned in LB 814. This bill puts politics between a woman and her doctor and puts reproductive health care further out of reach for women across the state.

Hearing – Judiciary Committee, Thursday, February 20 at 1:30 pm.
Watch here.

“Medication Abortion Reversal” Reversal – LB 872 would repeal the 2019 law which forces physicians to provide unscientific information to patients about “reversing” an abortion, a practice that is not supported by medical experts.

Hearing – Judiciary Committee, Friday, February 21 at 1:30 pm. Watch here.

Supporting Elected Parents and Caregivers – LB 935 would allow campaign funds to be used for child care expenses when an officeholder is acting in their official capacity. LB 936 would allow campaign funds to cover travel costs associated with an officeholder’s official duties for family members. Given the high costs associated with holding public office, these bills promote more equitable access to the positions where public policy is being made. Both bills will be heard tomorrow.

Hearing – Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee on Thursday, February 20 at 1:30 pm. Watch here.

Updates from Last Week’s Floor Debate on Affordable Child Care:

LB 329 – A bill to expand child care assistance passed the first round of debate last week. The bill raises the income eligibility level at which a family would lose child care assistance, essentially allowing families to get closer to economic stability before losing this critical financial support.

We need to send “Thank Yous” into the Yes votes and encouraging messages to all the others. See how each senator voted and please reach out TODAY, as this could come back up as soon as early as this week.

Potential messaging could be:

“Having the ability to work a few additional hours and accept small raises without losing crucial child care assistance makes it possible for women to advance in their jobs and work their way off of assistance. Please stand for the economic stability of women and girls and support LB 329.”

Here are three ways you can take action for women and girls this week!

  1. Reach out today to your senator (vote count here) and encourage their support on LB 329.
  2. Let your senator (email or phone) know you trust women and oppose abortion bans like LB 814.
  3. Get your tickets for An Evening with Jaclyn Friedman on February 25!

Jaclyn is a writer, speaker and pleasure activist and will read from her new anthology, “Believe Me: How Trusting Women Can Change the World.” She will discuss her efforts to support survivors in asking what would happen if America didn’t just believe women, but acted as though they matter? Tickets are still available!