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At the Nebraska Legislature



At the Nebraska Legislature

Your voice matters, and there is no more powerful force than when allies for gender justice join together and advocate for all. Reach out to your state senator and encourage them to support issues that are important to you! If you have lived experience or expertise but aren’t sure how to engage in the policymaking process, contact us—we are here to support you in your advocacy!


You can make a difference—if you have five minutes or five hours. Make that time count by sharing your perspective, expertise and experience on issues that are important to you. Use your voice today to hold elected officials accountable.

Submit an
Online Comment

The Nebraska Legislature has provided a new way for folx to weigh in on issues—an online form. Find the bill you care about, click “submit comments online” and share your lived experience or copy resources from our site!

Call Your
State Senator

When you call a senator’s office, you might speak with a staff member initially. It is important to share your perspective with the staff member, as they are responsible for briefing the state senator on legislative issues.

Email Your
State Senator

Email can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like. If your message includes a substantial amount of research or facts, you might consider putting your full message into a formal letter that you can attach to the email.


Hundreds of bills are introduced during the first 10 days of each legislative session with only some making it into law. While the process can be difficult to track at times, we’ll keep you up to date and let you know when your voice will be most impactful. Learn more about this process.


Economic Security

LB 249 (In Committee)

Disrupts the cycle of race and gender wage pay discrimination by removing salary history from the hiring process.

LB 290 (General File)

Creates an insurance program for businesses to provide paid family and medical leave as a forward-thinking workforce development strategy to support racial equity and attract and retain talent.

Freedom From Violence

LB 183 (In Committee)

Ensures access to emergency contraception for sexual assault survivors through the Sexual Assault Emergency Care Act.

LB 118 (In Committee)

Extends the duration of protection orders from one to five years, so domestic abuse, sexual assault and harassment do not have to go to the court year after year to seek safety for themselves and their families.

LB 772 (In Committee)

Protects survivors of sexual violence from debt collectors.

LB 741 (Signed Into Law)

Establishes a domestic abuse death review team.

LB 1246 (Signed Into Law)

Provides survivors of sexual assault and sex trafficking with anonymity. 

  • Introduced by: Senator Patty Pansing Brooks
  • Committee: TBD

Sexual Literacy and Reproductive Health

LB 20 (General File)

Reduces barriers to birth control by providing insurance coverage for up to six months at a time.

LB 715 (In Committee)

Repeals a state restriction that forces Nebraskans with private insurance to purchase additional optional coverage for abortion care.

LB 716 (In Committee)

Allows Certified Nurse-Midwives, APRNs and physician assistants to provide abortion care.

LB 984 (Signed Into Law)

Removes sales tax on menstrual products and requires detention facilities to provide these items for free.

LB 1129 (In Committee)

Provides free birth control to Nebraskans.

  • Introduced by: Senator Adam Morfeld
  • Committee: TBD

LB 276 (In Committee)

Expands access to telemed abortions.

LB 781 (In Committee)

Bans abortion at six weeks.

LB 933 (Failed)

Bans abortion if Roe v Wade is overturned by Supreme Court.

LB 963 (In Committee)

Allows doctors to discriminate against patients based on their personal beliefs.

LB 1086 (In Committee)

Restricts access to medical abortion.

LB 1077 (In Committee)

Censors discussions on race and gender in public schools.

LB 768 (In Committee)

Prohibits the State Board of Education from enacting life-saving health education standards. 

Women in Leadership

LB 930 (In Committee)

Allows candidates running for elected office to utilize campaign funds to cover child care expenses.

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