2022 Policy Preview

It’s nearly a new year and that means the possibilities are endless.

We are hopeful for our future—and we are ready to create real and lasting change for everyone who experiences gender-based oppression. We are hopeful because of this community and our power to advocate for a future where gender and racial equity is a reality.

Here’s the thing. The current structures and systems aren’t working and the patriarchy wants you to settle for status quo—don’t. When the new Legislative Session begins in January, it will be time to get to work to make a bold impact, create effective public policies that address gender-based oppression and oppose potential laws that will limit our opportunity and potential.

Here are some of the policies we’ll be focusing on in 2022:

  • Protecting and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care and education, including expanded insurance coverage of birth control as well as quality and culturally-relevant maternal health services.
  • Removing salary history from the hiring process to disrupt the cycle of gender and race wage discrimination.
  • Supporting parents and caregivers with affordable child care and paid leave to care for themselves and their families.
  • Extending the duration of protection orders so victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and harassment do not have to go to court year after year to seek safety for themselves and their families.
  • Protecting survivors of violence from debt collectors because no rape or domestic abuse survivor should be caught in a spiral of debt for seeking health care after their victimization.

It will take a multiracial coalition of women and allies working together to change our communities. And we will continue this important work—for as long as it takes—so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Rest now and get prepared for the work. Because when we work together, we’re unstoppable.

Cheers to victories to come!

The Women’s Fund

P.S. We are currently hiring for our next Policy Director. View the full job description and apply today!

P.P.S. Scroll to the bottom of www.OmahaWomensFund.org/be-an-advocate to view our series of Public Policy Power Hour discussions to get a preview of the session and hear from other advocates and experts.