2022 Public Policy Power Hour Series

The 2023 Nebraska Legislature Session starts on January 4 and we’re preparing to grow our movement to protect and advance gender equity in our state. With several new senators, we are also preparing to share more research, lived experience and direct advocacy to ensure that efforts to create opportunities for women and girls are not only available but championed. We know that there is potential for legislation that will further restrict our reproductive rights, harm LGBTQIA+ Nebraskans and push gender equity further from reach—and we will be ready.

Knowledge is power and there is nothing more powerful than a group of advocates joining together and using their voices. That’s why we’re inviting you to learn more about advocacy efforts and the issues that impact women, girls and all those who experience gender-based oppression. In December, we’ll host a series of virtual conversations to get ready for the legislative session and prepare you to engage with elected officials.

Click on the name of each session to register for one or all virtual discussions. Each hour-long event will begin at noon and feature policymakers, community partners, subject matter experts and other advocates. The discussions will give overviews of potential legislation and prepare each of us to boldly and unapologetically use our voices to advocate for effective policy for all Nebraskans.

We are stronger together.