ABCs of Public Policy

The 2024 Nebraska Legislature Session starts on Wednesday, January 3 and we’re focused on building the engagement of last session to protect and advance gender equity in our state. As we prepare for what is sure to be another unprecedented legislative session, join us in this movement of advocates and allies for gender justice.

To get ready, we’re hosting a series of Public Policy Power Hours with a slightly different theme this year. Each hour-long event will begin at noon and feature policymakers, community partners, subject matter experts and other advocates.

A is for Advocacy (November 30)

Your voice matters. During this virtual discussion, we’ll overview what will be different from the last session, preview potential rules changes and hear what you can do right now to be ready on day one to effectively (and loudly) use your voice to protect our rights and hold your elected official accountable. Register now!

B is for Bills (December 6)

Hundreds of bills will be introduced in the first 10 days of the legislative session and bills still in committees or on general file from the 2023 session are still active. We’ll use this time to review some of those bills, share more about the process of how a bill becomes a law, and highlight what actions have the most impact from advocates like you. We’ll also discuss the potential for new bills. Register now!

C is for Caring and Community (December 12)

The way forward is in community. Join us as we build community and collective power, together. We’ll discuss self-care and community care, how we can be ushers to the future we want to see for all Nebraskans, and how we not only get through but continue to show up to demand more and better from public policymakers. Register now!

Together, we are unstoppable. If you have any questions about the upcoming legislative session or how to engage in the process, please contact me directly.

I look forward to seeing you during these upcoming sessions and next year at the Capitol!