Action Alert: Final Push at the Legislature

The Legislature is wrapping up its work for the 2021 session, and there are three remaining priorities that need your help to get them across the finish line. The Legislature has an opportunity to support the economic stability of our community by increasing access to food assistance, affordable childcare, and unemployment insurance. 

If you have an extra five minutes, please email or call your Senator today and ask them to ensure the following bills are passed into law this session: 

LB 108 – Increases access to food assistance for working families! 

This bill, introduced by Senator John McCollister, increases eligibility for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and will support working families by allowing them to accept raises or small wage increases without losing the financial support they need to put food on the table. 

LB 485 –  Increases access to affordable child care! 

This bill, introduced by Senator Wendy DeBoer, will make child care more affordable for low-income working families. When workers don’t have access to quality, affordable child care, they are often forced to take time off the job, scale back to part time, or drop out of the workforce altogether. At time when Nebraska needs any and all workers, we should be doing everything we can to remove the very real barriers that child care pose for workers to stay in the workforce and advance in their careers. 

LB 298 – Closes Nebraska’s unemployment insurance gap for work-authorized immigrants!

This bill, introduced by Senator Mike McDonnell, will ensure that anyone legally working in Nebraska—including DACA and persons seeking asylum—can access the unemployment benefits they have earned and for which their employers have already filed unemployment taxes. 

Please reach out to your senator today—these bills could come back up as early as tomorrow! Mark your calendars for our Public Policy Power Hour on May 27 to wrap up the session.