Advocate for LGBTQ Youth During Pride Month

To us, feminism includes advocating for all those who experience gender-based oppression. True gender equity is not just for cis or trans women and girls—it’s for anyone whose identity has been marginalized and attacked for not aligning with society’s harmful gender stereotypes. We know from decades of research that when LGBTQ+ youth have access to inclusive and equitable health education, that their well-beings will be protected, and they will have the ability to make informed decisions about relationships in their lives.

Your allyship and advocacy is necessary to ensure that LGBTQ+ youth have school environments where they feel seen, heard, respected and safe. There is an important conversation happening at the Nebraska Board of Education about what health education should include in our state. Support all young people today by advocating for the proposed Nebraska Health Education Standards, which include age-appropriate introductions of concepts such as sexual abuse, dating violence and trafficking prevention, pregnancy and STI prevention (including abstinence), bullying and suicide prevention, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and emotional health and development. More information about the proposed Nebraska Health Education Standards is available online.

Here are five ways you can show up for LGBTQ+ youth today!

  1. Sign our petition. Add your support for inclusive and effective health education in Nebraska and invite others to sign, too.
  2. Contact your Nebraska State Board of Education member. Send them an email or give them a call. Connect with them personally to share your support of inclusive, complete, honest and equitable health education. Find your board member’s contact info.
  3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Daily newspapers throughout the state publish letters to the editor on a variety of topics. Let your community know you support effective health education that represents all young people by writing a letter in support today.
  4. Amplify your support on social media. Share why you support the Nebraska Health Education Standards on social media. Suggested messages and images are available to download online.
  5. Contact your local school board. While the standards have not yet been voted on by the State Board of Education, local school administrators and school boards are already hearing from community members. Share your support for age-appropriate, complete and inclusive health standards by attending a local school board meeting or writing an email to your representative.

Health education that is effective is inclusive of all young people, including LGBTQ+ youth and youth of color. It’s past time for all school districts in our state to update their health standards to reflect young people’s lived realities and include information on gender, sexual orientation, consent, bodily autonomy, mental well-being and more.

Your voice matters. Take action today to support effective health education for all young people in Nebraska.