Be An Advocate (2024 Advocacy)

Use Your Voice


At the Nebraska Legislature



At the Nebraska Legislature

Your voice matters. The Nebraska Legislature is in session and now is the time for allies and advocates to join together to protect and advance gender equity in our state. Continue to reach out to your state senator and encourage them to support issues that are important to you! Your expertise and lived experience can impact the policymaking progress. Contact us to find out how more about how you can get engaged—we are here to support your advocacy!


You can make a difference—if you have five minutes or five hours. Make that time count by sharing your perspective, expertise and experience on issues that are important to you. Use your voice today to hold elected officials accountable.

Submit an Online Comment

The Nebraska Legislature has provided a way for folks to weigh in on issues—an online form. Find the bill you care about, click “submit comments online” and share your lived experience or copy resources from our site!

Call Your State Senator

When you call a senator’s office, you might speak with a staff member initially. It is important to share your perspective with the staff member, as they are responsible for briefing the state senator on legislative issues.

Email Your State Senator

Email can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like. If your message includes a substantial amount of research or facts, you might consider putting your full message into a formal letter that you can attach to the email.


Hundreds of bills are introduced during the first 10 days of each legislative session with only some making it into law. While the process can be difficult to track at times, we’ll keep you up to date and let you know when your voice will be most impactful. Learn more about this process.


Economic Security

LB 58 (Final Reading)

as amended to LB 937

Provides a sales and use tax exemption for diapers.

LB 175 (Failed)

Adopts the Residential Tenant Clean Slate Act.

LB 233 (Signed into Law)

Increases economic security by allowing TANF recipients to receive child support payments.

LB 294 (In Committee)

Provides a child tax credit.

LB 545 (In Committee)

Extends time for tenants after an eviction.

LB 856 (Signed into Law)

Makes child care employees eligible for childcare subsidy.

LB 1139 (In Committee)

Adopts the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act.

LB 1324 (In Committee)

Adopts the Child Tax Credit Act.

  • Introduced by: Senator Danielle Conrad
  • Committee: Revenue Committee
    • Hearing date: Wednesday, February 21

LB 15 (General File)

as amended to LB 327

Reduces the minimum wage for youth.

Freedom From Violence

LB 488 (In Committee)

Adopts the Sexual Assault Emergency Care Act to ensure survivors get the care they need.

LB 758 (In Committee)

Creates the Sexual Violence Review Act.

LB 759 (In Committee)

Notifies survivors of pending expiration of a protection order.

LB 929 (In Committee)

Coordinates 911 and 988 crisis lifelines.

Sexual Literacy and Reproductive Health

LB 857 (Signed into Law)

Creates a Prenatal Plus Program to support parents under Medicaid.

LB 1050 (Signed into Law)

as amended to LB 1284

Requires middle and high schools to offer free menstrual products.

  • Introduced by: Senator Danielle Conrad
  • Committee: Education Committee
    • Hearing date: Monday, February 12

LB 1106 (Signed into Law)

as amended to LB 1215

Provides coverage of lactation consultations under Medical Assistance Act.

LB 1107 (Signed into Law)

as amended to LB 1215

Allows access to breast pump through Medicaid.

LB 71 (Signed into Law)

Changes provisions relating to parental involvement in and access to learning materials in schools.

LB 374 (In Committee)

Adopts the Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency Act.

LB 606 (Final Reading)

filed for amendment to LB 937

Provides tax credit for donations made to anti-abortion centers.

LB 810 (In Committee)

Allows medical providers to deny care based on personal beliefs.

Additional Bills that Impact Gender Equity

LB 575 (Failed)

Bans trans youth from sports and schools.

LB 1330 (In Committee)

Prohibits DEI Training at Public Institutions.

  • Introduced by: Senator Dave Murman
  • Committee: Education Committee
    • Hearing date: Tuesday, February 13

LB 1382 (In Committee)

Prohibits paying petition circulators.

Don’t see a bill on this list but interested to know more about how it might impact you? 

A is for Advocacy

Your voice matters. During this virtual discussion, we overviewed what will be different from the last session, previewed potential rules changes and discussed what you can do right now to be ready on day one to effectively (and loudly) use your voice to protect our rights and hold your elected official accountable.

B is for Bills

Hundreds of bills will be introduced in the first 10 days of the legislative session and bills still in committees or on general file from the 2023 session are still active. In this session, we reviewed some of those bills, shared the process of how a bill becomes a law, and highlighted what actions have the most impact from advocates like you. We also discussed the potential for new bills.

C is for Caring & Community

The way forward is in community. Let’s build community and collective power, together. In this session, we discussed self-care and community care, how we can be ushers to the future we want to see for all Nebraskans and how we not only get through but continue to show up to demand more and better from public policymakers.



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