Defend Trans Youth

Today, Nebraska State Senators took a first vote to ban gender affirming care for trans youth in our state. This priority and commitment to discriminate against trans youth and remove their access to life-saving care is hateful, harmful and has no place in Nebraska. Based on our organizational value of bodily autonomy, we reject this political interference into health care. 

This is a reminder that you have the human right to bodily autonomy. Being trans doesn’t change that. The attack on the dignity of transgender Americans is an attack on the dignity of all Americans. There is no world in which their freedom is suppressed and yours is sustained. Liberation is a group project. We’ll continue to join with ally organizations, such as OutNebraska and ACLU of Nebraska, to do whatever we can to stop this bill from going any further.

Please contact your senator, no matter how they voted, to let them know you oppose this legislation. Your voice matters on this issue. Let’s join together and make Nebraska a place where we are all free to live, work and support each other for who we are. 

Trans youth exist and trans youth belong in Nebraska. If you need support, you can contact a crisis counselor at The Trevor Project by texting ‘START’ to 678-678 or calling 1-866-488-7386.