It starts with you!

Our 30 Days of Action is coming to an end this week but that doesn’t mean the work is over. We need you—your vote in the upcoming election. Your support of issues impacting those most marginalized. Your financial donations to keep our work moving forward. Your voice to champion the issues and hold elected officials accountable. Your cheerleading on the darkest of days.

Here are the final actions. Learn more about what you can do and how you can support our work, including how to help us reach our $10,000 daily fundraising goal on Tuesday, and make your plan for the final week of actions:

October 26: Contact Your Elected Official
October 27: Give to the Women’s Fund
October 28: Support Local Food Assistance
October 29: Shop BIPOC-Owned Businesses
October 30: Write a Letter to Your Younger Self

What comes next? How will you keep this work moving forward? How will you sustain this as daily practice in your life? What comes next? Keep connected with us for more action steps, news from the community and how to stay involved.

We appreciate you. We are proud of you. Keep going! 🤍

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