Legislative Update: April 19

With 25 days to go, the fight continues at the Nebraska Legislature. All-day floor debate has resulted in the forward movement of several bills that will extremely limit gender equity and directly impact bodily autonomy for Nebraskans. As Senator Megan Hunt said earlier this session, “every day is a fresh new hell.”

But we aren’t done yet.

We keep showing up to make our voices heard, to ensure that Nebraska families are getting their needs met and to keep politics out of our health care. These issues are all connected. You know that because you continue to show up too—to advocate for the rights of yourselves, your family and your neighbors. We see you and we thank you. <3

And we aren’t done yet. Stay ready. Stay with us. Together, we will continue to fight for our rights and advance gender equity!


Last Wednesday, 33 senators voted to advance LB 626 during the first round of debate. This near-total ban would push health care out of reach for most Nebraskans. We believe that everyone should have the ability to access a full range of reproductive health care, no matter where they live, how much money they have or how they identify.

To be clear—the only reason to ban abortion is political, not medical. A six-week abortion ban is extreme, and further restrictions are not popular with the people, not supported by science and rejected by every major medical organization.

With two more rounds of debate, there’s still time to defeat this six-week abortion ban. Get ready to show up again when they debate this bill on Select File. It could be as soon as next week!


On Thursday last week, the same 33 senators voted to advance LB 574 to final reading. This focused attack on trans youth would ban gender-affirming care. These votes take away the rights of parents and discriminate against trans youth. However, in the final minutes of debate, the introducer, Senator Kathleen Kauth, promised to work with opponents on an amendment to make the legislation less extreme before the final vote.

  • TAKE ACTION: Email your Senator now and encourage them to listen to Nebraskans and keep extreme legislation and attacks on trans youth out of our state.


LB 35 was amended to LB 227 earlier this week and passed first round debate. LB 35, introduced and prioritized by Senator Wendy DeBoer, will invest in the workforce by supporting affordable child care. Working parents and caregivers need stable child care to be able to work and provide for their families. Learn more via our fact sheet (English / Spanish).

LB 77, introduced and prioritized by Senator Tom Brewer, passed final reading and will now go to the Governor for signing into law. This bill will allow for the carrying of concealed handguns without a permit or training. As we’ve seen in other states with similar legislation, LB 77 will have a devasting impact on our communities as gun violence continues to impact our children and families.

LB 757, changes requirements in applications under the Nebraska CVR Act, and LB 11, to provide clarification for household pets in domestic abuse protection orders, have been named Speaker priorities. However, these bills have yet to be put on the schedule for debate. Learn more via our fact sheets about LB 757 (English / Spanish) and LB 11 (English / Spanish).

  • TAKE ACTION: Email Speaker John Arch and ask him to prioritize survivors of sexual abuse and schedule these bills for full consideration by the body.


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