Legislative Update: February 16

It’s been another busy two weeks at the Nebraska Legislature. We continue to show up to ensure that gender equity is centered in conversations and supported by effective public policies, including on issues related to child care (LB 865), children’s health insurance (LB 857) and tipped minimum wages (LB 1028).

We were proud to be joined yesterday by medical professionals, education experts, parents and young people to oppose LB 768 and its attempt to keep comprehensive health education from students in Nebraska. Contact members of the Education Committee and ask them to vote against this bill now.

Looking ahead to next week, Nebraska has the opportunity to expand reproductive rights and reject attempts to limit women and pregnant people’s freedoms.

Act Now – Submit Your Online Comments in Support of Expanding Reproductive Health Care

  LB 716 – Allows Certified Nurse-Midwives, APRNs and physician assistants to provide abortion care (Senator Megan Hunt).

  LB 1129 – Provides free birth control to Nebraskans (Senator Adam Morfeld).

Both bills will be heard by the Health and Human Services Committee on Thursday, February 24. Submit an online comment for each bill by noon on February 23 to be included in the public hearing record.

Act Now – Sign Up to Testify Against Abortion Bans

There is no medical reason to ban abortions, only political. It’s time to show up to protect all Nebraskans’ reproductive rights! The following attempts to ban abortion will all be heard by the Judiciary Committee on Thursday, February 24 beginning at 1:30 pm.

  LB 781 – Bans abortions at six weeks (Senator Julie Slama).

  LB 933 – Bans abortions if Roe v Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court (Senator Joni Albrecht).

  LB 1086 – Restricts access to medication abortion (Senator Suzanne Geist).

It’s time for bold action. It’s time for solidarity. Are you in?

Additional Upcoming Hearings 

Today, February 16

LB 930 – Allows candidates running for elected office to utilize campaign funds to cover child care expenses (Senator Hunt). This bill promotes equitable representation in our elected bodies by removing economic barriers of public office and will be heard by the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee beginning at 1:30 pm.

LB 1136 – Adopts the Senior Care LGBTQ Discrimination Prevention Act (Senator Hunt). This bill would support older LGBTQ adults by ensuring they can access senior housing and quality care without discrimination. It will be heard by the Health and Human Services Committee today at 1:30 pm.

Friday, February 25

LB 772 – Protects survivors of sexual violence from debt collectors (Senator Jen Day). No survivor should be caught in a cycle of debt because they sought the medical care they needed in an aftermath of an assault. LB 772 will prevent health care providers from referring medical bills to collection agencies for related treatment from injuries arising from sexual assault, domestic assault, and child abuse.

LB 1009 – Establishes a domestic abuse death review team (Senator Tom Brandt). Domestic abuse-related deaths are unlike other homicides in that they are typically a culmination of repeated acts of violence. A domestic death review team will bring together experts and those with lived experience to review cases, examine trends and contributing factors to create recommendations for changes to help prevent future deaths.

Monday, February 28

LB 815 – Increases diaper changing stations (Senator Terrell McKinney). Access matters and making accommodations available to all caregivers, in all restrooms helps new parents better care for their children.

Tuesday, March 1

LB 715 – Repeals a state restriction that forces Nebraskans with private insurance to purchase additional optional coverage for abortion care (Senator Hunt). We support this bill that would ensure abortion care is already covered under health insurance and remove the additional barriers to care.

Wednesday, March 2

LB 963 – Allows doctors to discriminate against patients based on their personal beliefs (Senator Dave Murman). We oppose this bill as it mirrors other states’ attempts to deny care to LGBTQ+ patients.


Still with us? Great—because we need advocates like you to use your voice this session to support all Nebraskans, lift up women and girls, and keep unnecessary restrictions from becoming commonplace. Be loud, friend. Be proud.

Together, we can do this!