Legislative Update: February 2

The Nebraska Legislative session is moving quickly with committee hearings added to the schedule every day. This month is a big one for advocacy in support of survivors and reproductive rights. Pull up our Power Hour Playlist and spend some time submitting online comments for each of the bills listed below. If you have even more time, reach out directly to your senator to share your views!

Action #1 – Submit Online Comments for LB 1246 in Support of Survivors

LB 1246 – Provides survivors of sexual assault and sex trafficking with anonymity (Introduced by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks). When identifying information of victims in sexual assault and sex trafficking cases is available to the public immediately after reporting, it leaves the victims vulnerable to intimidation, threats, or harm from offenders. LB 1246 will prevent the disclosure of identifying information and protect victims from further harm, ensure the integrity of active investigations and foster an environment where victims can choose to report to law enforcement without having their name and personal information made public.

ACTION #2 – Submit Online Comments to Reject Attempts to Ban Abortion

Women and pregnant people’s freedoms are under attack.

Everyone deserves the right to decide if, when and how to start a family. We cannot allow more restrictions to pass that stand in the way of women and the health care they need. To be absolutely clear, there is no medical reason to ban abortions, only political. Three bills have been introduced this session that would push abortion care out of reach, impacting people with low incomes, people of color, young people and many in rural communities. We oppose the following bills that create unnecessary restrictions and interfere with personal health care decisions.

These bills will all have hearings with the Judiciary Committee on Thursday, February 24. Politicians have no place interfering with personal health care decisions, and they don’t know better than doctors or women themselves. Take action today by submitting online comments as “opponents” on each of these bills! You can amplify your support for reproductive health care by downloading any of our shareable graphics and posting them to your social accounts.

Your voice matters on this issue. Now is the time for bold action and loud voices to protect our freedoms and ability to have control over our bodies.

More Bills with Scheduled Committee Hearings

The following bills have scheduled hearings, which means online comments can now be submitted. Read through each one to see why we support or oppose the legislation introduced.

Thursday 2/24

LB 716 – Allows Certified Nurse-Midwives, APRNs and physician assistants to provide abortion care (Senator Megan Hunt). We support this legislation that would allow qualified practitioners to perform abortions and its attempt to remove barriers to the health care people need.

LB 1129 – Provides free birth control to Nebraskans (Senator Adam Morfeld). We support this legislation that is a proven to reduce unintended pregnancy and allow birthing people to have the ability to choose if and when to start a family. 

Friday 2/25

LB 772 – Protects survivors of sexual violence from debt collectors (Senator Jen Day). No survivor should be caught in a cycle of debt because they sought the medical care they needed in an aftermath of an assault. LB 772 will prevent health care providers from referring medical bills to collection agencies for related treatment from injuries arising from sexual assault, domestic assault, and child abuse. For more information, see our fact sheet and submit an online comment as a “proponent” today.

LB 1009 – Establishes a domestic abuse death review team (Senator Tom Brandt). Domestic abuse-related deaths are unlike other homicides in that they are typically a culmination of repeated acts of violence. A domestic death review team will bring together experts and those with lived experience to review cases, examine trends and contributing factors to create recommendations for changes to help prevent future deaths. For more information, see our fact sheet and submit an online comment as a “proponent” today.

Monday 2/28

LB 815 – Increases diaper changing stations (Senator Terrell McKinney). Access matters and making accommodations available to all caregivers, in all restrooms helps new parents better care for their children.

Tuesday 3/1

LB 715 – Repeals a state restriction that forces Nebraskans with private insurance to purchase additional optional coverage for abortion care (Senator Hunt). We support this bill that would ensure abortion care is already covered under health insurance and remove the additional barriers to care.

Wednesday 3/2

LB 963 – Allows doctors to discriminate against patients based on their personal beliefs (Senator Dave Murman). We oppose this bill as it mirrors other states’ attempts to deny care to LGBTQ+ patients.

Additionally, we provided testimony on the following bills last week:

  • LB 831 – Creates a diversion program and conditional release of pregnant and postpartum incarcerated individuals.
  • LB 886 – Prohibits restraints on pregnant people who are incarcerated or in detention.
  • LB 929 – Extends postpartum Medicaid coverage up to 12 months. Read more about the hearing via Unicameral Update.
  • LB 951 – Increases the earned income tax credit.

If you missed last week’s Public Policy Power Hour, watch the recording now! Remember to submit online comments for bills, stay hydrated and keep centering your joy as we advocate for the liberation and freedom of all people!