Legislative Update: February 6

We are sending our biweekly update to you earlier in the week because there are some important upcoming hearings that will directly impact gender equity in our state. Like we’ve seen across the country, attacks on LGBTQ+ individuals, specifically trans youth, are at an all-time high. We also know that even the debate about such policies negatively impact our youth. Now, this fight is at our door. Instead of stoking fear and moral panic to turn against a group of people, we can join together and make Nebraska a place where we are all free to live, work and support each other for who we are.

It’s time to loudly say, “Enough.”

Upcoming Hearings

Plan to testify in-person or submit your comments online by noon the workday before a hearing. Get more information about submitting online comments.

Wednesday, February 8

  • Support LB 294 (Senator Conrad) to put money back into pockets of families with children by creating a state-level child tax credit.
  • Support LB 295 (Senator Conrad) to increase the Earned Income Tax Credit. Both bills would provide families with additional income and help people achieve economic security.
  • Oppose LB 574 (Senator Kauth) that would ban families of transgender youth from seeking medically-sound, affirming health care and punish doctors and those who provide such care.
    • More information and resources to help you draft testimony:

Friday, February 10

  • Support a series of bills (Senator DeBoer) that support survivors of domestic and sexual abuse by changing requirements in applications under the Nebraska CVR Act (LB 757), creating the Sexual Violence Review Act (LB 758) and notifying survivors of pending expiration of a protection order (LB 759).
  • Oppose LB 810 (Senator Murman) that would allow medical providers to deny care and discriminate against patients. We oppose this bill as it mirrors other states’ attempts to deny care to LGBTQ+ patients and those seeking abortion care.

Monday, February 13

  • Support LB 670 (Senator Hunt) and the non-discrimination of LGBTQ+ employees by businesses of any size.
  • Oppose LB 327 (Senator Raybould) and its intent to cap the cost of living increase for young people.

What Happens Next for Abortion Advocacy

Nebraskans in support of reproductive rights showed up to the Capitol for the hearing on LB 626, outnumbering anti-abortion activists and armed with empathy, facts and majority support from the medical community. After three hours of hearing from the opposition (and 62% of online comments), there were still more than 100 people waiting to share their stories and lived experience. Your presence, your stories and your advocacy makes a difference!

The hearing was just the beginning. While we anticipate that LB 626 will make it out of committee, our fight is not over. We’ll let you know when full debate is scheduled. If the bill passes all three rounds of debate and is signed by the Governor, abortion could be banned as soon as next month.

Do not wait to get in this movement! Contact your senator to oppose LB 626 and any further restrictions on abortions in our state.