Legislative Update:
March 12

We’re back after two recess days and sending this email a day early as tomorrow we’ll be participating in the Housing Affordability and Justice Lobby Day. Housing justice and gender equity are connected. Women face eviction filings and judgments disproportionately. Along with community partners, we are calling for housing justice and working toward a more equitable, accessible and affordable future for all Nebraskans. Learn more about housing justice-related bills via our fact sheet (English / Spanish).

With full day floor debate in full swing, the most important thing you can do is contact your senator directly to ask them to support or oppose bills. Committees are still voting to keep or advance bills to the full Legislature, so we’ll continue to keep you up to date. Additionally, you can keep track of up to 15 bills via the Unicameral BillTracker. To see what’s up for debate at any given time, check the next day’s agenda when it’s posted. View the online calendar, click on the next day and, if available, click on “agenda” link.

Bill Updates

The Good News

  • LB 840 requires Omaha and Lincoln to develop proactive Poverty Elimination Plans, and now includes LB 1046 and LB 530, which increase housing stability for public housing tenants. This amended bill is an Urban Affairs Committee priority and has been placed on General File.
  • LB 856 makes child care employees eligible for child care subsidies, which helps us increase access to affordable, accessible child care in our state. The bill, introduced by Sen. John Fredrickson, has advanced to Select File.
  • LB 857, to create the Nebraska Prenatal Plus Program, has advanced to Final Reading. Introduced by Sen. George Dungan, the bill will reduce pre-term and low birthweight births and support mothers.
  • LB 904 allows the Department of Health and Human Services more flexibility in calculating child care reimbursement, increasing access to affordable child care. Introduced by Sen. Wendy DeBoer, the bill has advanced to Select File on a 30-0 vote.
  • LB 1050 would provide free menstrual products to students in schools. The bill, introduced by Sen. Danielle Conrad, has been voted out of the Education Committee and placed on General File. Read more about the amendments filed on this legislation via Lincoln Journal Star.
  • LB 1107 has been amended onto LB 1106 and placed on General File. These bills, both introduced by Sen. Jen Day, provide support for breastfeeding parents through access to breast pumps through Medicaid and lactation support.
  • LB 1109, the bill from Sen. Merv Riepe that attempted to walk back some of the harm senators created last session by rushing to pass abortion restrictions while still inserting politics into personal health care, stalled in the Judiciary Committee. Read more about via Omaha World-Herald.
  • LB 371, a bill introduced by Sen. Dave Murman last year that would criminalize drag shows and performers, also failed to get the votes to move out of committee.

The Bad News

  • LB 175 adopts the Residential Tenant Clean Slate Act. This bill, introduced by Sen. Dungan and prioritized by Sen. DeBoer, was voted out of committee 8-0 before being filibustered by some senators who advocated that landlords should have access to all information regarding a prospective tenant. Ultimately, the bill failed to reach the 33 votes needed to overcome the filibuster. Read more via Lincoln Journal Star.
  • LB 441 would remove protections for school librarians and staff from criminal prosecution in the chance a minor encounters books or content some consider to be obscene. Introduced and prioritized by Sen. Joni Albrecht, the bill is rooted in censorship and aligned with nationwide attacks on sex education, book banning and anything deemed inclusive of LGBTQ young people. Unfortunately, this bill has made it out of committee and has been placed on General File.

In The News

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If you have any questions about how to get involved or what happens next, please contact our Policy Director Erin Feichtinger.