Legislative Update:
March 30

Our work to create communities where everyone can reach their full potential is in danger when women don’t have control over their own bodies. We value equity, bodily autonomy and intersectionality—it’s all connected. Reproductive justice is economic justice is gender and racial justice. We must protect access to reproductive health care, including abortion. The time is now to stop abortion bans.

LB 933, a trigger ban that would make abortions illegal if Roe v Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, was pulled from committee and will now be debated on the floor of the legislature. Restrictions to abortions are not what most Nebraskans want, and it’s time to make sure Senators know that.

Trust women. Stop abortion bans.

1. Contact Your Senator to Oppose LB 933

In less than five minutes, you can let your Senator know that you support unrestricted reproductive rights and oppose LB 933. This is the time for bold action and solidarity. If your Senator is supportive of abortion access, reach out to thank them. Call or email your senator today!

2. Tell Five of Your Friends

Everyone deserves to make decisions about if, when and how to start a family. Gather your people and make sure they know their reproductive rights are under attack. Encourage them to contact their elected officials now to oppose LB 933.

3. Submit a Letter to the Editor

Your experience matters. By writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, you are adding to the statewide support of abortion access. These articles help shape public opinion and can even reach elected officials! You can submit a letter to the Omaha World-Herald online.

We know that to create a just and equitable world, we cannot allow further restrictions on abortion. With only 9 days left this legislative session, tell your senator you don’t want them spending their limited remaining time on LB 933 that would put politics between women and their medical provider.

Additional bill updates:

  • LB 121, introduced and prioritized by Senator Megan Hunt, eliminates the lifetime ban on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility for individuals with certain previous convictions. This bill, which passed first round debate, addresses food insecurity and provides support to people who need it.
  • LB 1009, introduced by Senator Tom Brandt was successfully amended onto LB 741 during select file, and would establish a domestic abuse death review team to bring together experts and those with lived experience to review cases, examine trends and contributing factors to create recommendations for changes to help prevent future deaths. The bill is on final reading (the last stage of debate). For more information, see our fact sheet (English / Spanish).
  • LB 1246, introduced by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks and selected as a Speaker priority bill, provides survivors of sexual assault and sex trafficking with anonymity. This bill, which advanced to final reading, will prevent the disclosure of identifying information and protect victims from further harm. For more information, see our fact sheets (English / Spanish).

Final Call!!!

During the remaining days of Women’s History Month, we invite you to celebrate the inspiring members in our community. Let us lift up the brave and honor the bold. Together, we can shine a light on those who inspire us all and are truly dedicated to ending gender-based oppression. Let’s cheer for the rock stars in our life and cheer on the advocates pushing for gender and racial equity.

Add the names of these Champions for Gender Equity now at www.OmahaWomensFund.org/Tribute.