Legislative Update: May 17

Yesterday, hundreds of Nebraskans filled the Capitol. We were in the balcony watching and in the Rotunda shouting for our right to bodily autonomy for hours. It was powerful and it matters. It matters to the Nebraskans who couldn’t be there and who heard our voices raised for all Nebraskans’ right to our own bodies. It matters to our friends and our families and to the future of our state. Thank you for showing up and advocating.

After hours of rule changes and attempts to stop the bill, 33 anti-abortion senatorsamended LB 574, a discriminatory ban on gender-affirming care for trans youth to now also include an extreme abortion ban. The bill passed to the final round of debate which has yet to be scheduled. Stay connected with us and our advocacy partners because we will be there again to raise our voices against this discriminatory legislation and fight as hard as we have been all session to ensure your rights are protected.

This is not over. We have one more chance to raise our voices and protect our right to make our own health care decisions. Call every senator, every day, and tell them to oppose LB 574.

History has its eyes on Nebraska. Now is the time to make every call, write every email, tell every friend—politics has no place in our health care.


 LB 227, previously amended to now include LB 35 and LB 84, has been placed on final reading. LB 35 will invest in the workforce by supporting affordable child care and LB 84 will maintain increased access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Learn more about LB 35 (English / Spanish) and LB 84 (English / Spanish) via our fact sheets.

 LB 315, introduced by Senator John Fredrickson, has now been amended onto LB 157 and placed on general file. This bill protects survivors of domestic and sexual violence from debt collectors. No survivor should have medical debt from seeking the care they need in the aftermath of a sexual assault. Learn more about LB 315 via our fact sheet (English / Spanish).

 LB 757, changes requirements for applications under the Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations (CVR) Act, and LB 11, provides clarification for household pets in domestic abuse protection orders, remain as priority bills as designated by Speaker John Arch. We are hopeful these two bills will be on the agenda for consideration by the full legislature before the session ends. Learn more about LB 757 (English / Spanish) and LB 11 (English / Spanish) via our fact sheets.


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