Legislative Update: May 2


Last Thursday, enough senators listened to the majority of Nebraskans and stopped a six-week abortion ban from becoming law. With 33 votes needed to invoke cloture and end the filibuster, the vote fell one shortSpeaker John Arch says he does not plan to bring it back and so, LB 626 is over for this session! It shouldn’t be this close, and Nebraskans shouldn’t have to fight like this for their basic rights to have control over their own bodies and lives.

LB 626 was too extreme for Nebraska, and we know anti-abortion senators and activists will be back anyway. We will stay ready to continue to advocate for your rights to make decisions about your lives, bodies and futures. In the meantime, thank senators who voted “no” or “present not voting” for rejecting further restrictions on abortion care.

And THANK YOU for continuing to show up, speak up and advocate for bodily autonomy. <3


✅ LB 35, previously amended to LB 227, has now passed second round debate. LB 35, introduced and prioritized by Senator Wendy DeBoer, will invest in the workforce by supporting affordable child care. Working parents and caregivers need stable child care to be able to work and provide for their families. Learn more via our fact sheet (English / Spanish).

✅ LB 84, introduced and prioritized by Senator Jen Day, would maintain increased access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The bill was voted unanimously out of the Health & Human Services Committee and also amended onto LB 227 as AM1488 with 27 senators voting in support of keeping 10,000 Nebraskans fed with expanded eligibility for two more years. The heavily amended bill, LB 227, passed second round debate on April 25. Learn more via our fact sheet (English / Spanish).

✅ LB 757, changes requirements for applications under the Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations (CVR) Act and LB 11, provides clarification for household pets in domestic abuse protection orders, remain priority bills as designated by Speaker Arch. We are hopeful these two bills will be on the agenda for consideration by the full legislature soon. Learn more about LB 757 (English / Spanish) and LB 11 (English / Spanish) via our fact sheets.

❌ LB 574, would ban families of transgender youth from seeking affirming health care and punish doctors for providing care, will be on the schedule soon for final round debate. While the introducer, Senator Kathleen Kauth, previously signaled the willingness to negotiate, there is now “no room for compromise” as reported by the Omaha World-HeraldContact your Senator now to oppose LB 574 and any further attempts to insert politics into Nebraskans’ health care. 


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