Oppose Abortion Bans

LB 626 is scheduled for debate on Wednesday. It’s time to show up at the Capitol to reject further restrictions on abortion access in Nebraska.

Abortion is legal right now, but it’s never been more in danger. All Nebraskans should have the ability to access a full range of reproductive health care, no matter where they live, how much money they have or how they identify. LB 626 is a six-week abortion ban, which is a near-total ban that would push health care out of reach for most Nebraskans with the harm falling hardest on those who are struggling to make ends meet, young people, BIPOC and rural individuals.

As we watch extreme restrictions being placed on health care in other states, this email is urgent. There’s still time to oppose LB 626 and reject this political interference into health care. LB 626 is scheduled for first round floor debate on Wednesday. Join us in opposing further abortion restrictions and making your voice heard.

ACTION! Contact Your Senator to Oppose LB 626

In less than five minutes, you can let your Senator know that you oppose further restrictions on abortion and want them to vote no on LB 626, a bill that would ban abortions at six weeks. If LB 626 passes, abortion care could be essentially banned immediately and before most people know they are pregnant. There’s still time to reject this political inference into your health care. Get more information and contact your Senator now!

ACTION! Join Us for Floor Debate on Wednesday

The presence of abortion rights advocates in the balcony and Rotunda can be an impactful visual for Senators as they debate LB 626. Wear green and show up to remind them that the majority of Nebraskans reject further restrictions on abortion care. Be there to protect your rights. Sign-up to get the day-of details.

ACTION! Tell Five of Your Friends

Everyone deserves the right to make decisions about if, when and how to become a parent. Talk to your people and make sure they know that their reproductive rights are under attack. Encourage them to also contact their Senator now to oppose LB 626.

A reminder that you have the human right to bodily autonomy. Being pregnant doesn’t change that. Keep using your voice to advocate for abortion access. It will take all of us, showing up and using our voices to protect our freedoms and our rights!