Oppose Abortion Bans!

Abortion is still legal in Nebraska, but anti-abortion legislators are continuing to insert politics into our health care. While abortion care is highly regulated already, today an extreme abortion bill was introduced that will further restrict reproductive health care in our state.

All bans and restrictions keep people from accessing the health care they want and need. We must continue to hold onto our personal freedoms to make our own health care decisions that are right of ourselves and our families. LB 626, a six-week abortion ban, which is before most people know they are pregnant, will push abortion care out of reach for most Nebraskans, impacting people with low incomes, people of color, young people and many in rural communities.

We also oppose LB 606, a tax credit for donations made to anti-abortion centers who often mislead and misinform pregnant people in an attempt to stop them from ending their pregnancy. LB 606 will not a directly benefit pregnant people but is another attempt by anti-abortion advocates to further stigmatize abortion care and push health care out of reach for Nebraskans. We oppose these attempts to restrict abortion care.

It’s time for solidarity. Are you in?

Use your voice to oppose LB 626, a bill that will create unnecessary restrictions and interfere with personal health care decisions. Contact your Senator now and tell them to oppose LB 626 and any attempt to take away personal health care decisions from Nebraskans.

Your voice matters on this issue. Now is the time for bold action and loud voices to protect our freedoms and ability to have control over our own bodies!

Creating a just and equitable world means not allowing further restrictions on abortion care. As an organization working to address gender-based inequities, we urge you to oppose anti-abortion legislation and allow pregnant people the right to make choices over their own bodies without political interference.

PS — With one more day of bill introduction, there are many bills already on the table that will impact gender equity in Nebraska. Join us for a Public Policy Power Hour this Friday at noon for all the details. The event is free but registration is required.