Our Policy Response to COVID-19

Women and girls are at the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis and must be at the forefront of our response. See our OpEd in the Omaha World-Herald outlining the need to do more for women and girls right now.

We have developed our advocacy priorities to address inequities created and amplified by the pandemic. As there are many organizations working to support women and girls in a number of important areas, this evolving list represents where the Women’s Fund believes we can offer critical support. This is not exhaustive, definitive or exclusively representative of all needs but highlights key and emerging recommendations by the Women’s Fund at this moment in time. These are not competing priorities—we will support and continue to lift up all those who are working to address the economic and social crisis on behalf of all women and girls.

These recommendations include, but are not limited to, paid leave for all employees, investments in public assistance programs to stabilize families, housing stability, access to reproductive health care and contraception, and access to protection orders for survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and harassment. View the full list of recommendations.

These recommendations and steps to implement effective public policies are being shared with policymakers and leaders in our community and across the state. We are committed to working with them to center the needs of women and girls as they take action to respond to this crisis.

If you would like to share your experiences and provide insight on these issues and more, please fill out our survey. And then, stay connected with us as we work to use our voices for women and girls.

Additionally, we will continue to keep our Community Resources page updated with local resources available to women and girls in our community.