Protect Abortion Access

Your rights to make decisions about your own body are under attack (again).

Anti-abortion policymakers are continuing to chip away at our rights. This year, they have introduced LB 626, a six-week abortion ban, which is before most people even know they are pregnant. This extreme near ban will push care out of reach for most Nebraskans.

It’s time to show up to protect abortion access in Nebraska.

>> Sign-up to testify in-person. The Health & Human Services Committee will hear testimony from Nebraskans on LB 626 this Wednesday, February 1 starting at 1:30 pm.

>> If you can’t make it in person, submit an online comment in opposition by noon tomorrow, January 31 to be included on the record.

>> Contact your senator to oppose LB 626 and any further restrictions on abortion care that attempt to take away personal health care decisions from Nebraskans. It is important that every Senator hears from Nebraskans on this issue!

Additional Action Item — Protect Voting Rights!

Advocacy for abortion rights and voting rights is connected. Show up to oppose LB 535 that will limit Nebraskans’ ability to vote in elections. This bill would implement a strict voter ID requirement without the necessary steps to protect the right to vote for people currently lacking an ID. LB 535 will create new barriers that would suppress the vote and make it more challenging for Nebraskans to exercise their most fundamental right. Get more details from our friends at Civic Nebraska.

Again, if you are in Lincoln on Wednesday, consider testifying against LB 535. If you can’t make it in-person, submit an online comment in opposition to LB 535 by noon tomorrow, January 31.

Your voice matters on these issues. Now is the time for bold action and loud voices to protect our freedoms and our rights! 

Thank you for all that you have done and for all the ways you continue to show up. Our work continues, and so does yours.