Protect Reproductive Rights in Nebraska

Women and pregnant people’s freedoms are under attack.

Everyone deserves the right to decide if, when and how to start a family. We cannot allow more restrictions to pass that stand in the way of women and the health care they need. Three bills have been introduced that would push abortion care out of reach, impacting people with low incomes, people of color, young people and many in rural communities.

It’s time for bold action. It’s time for solidarity. Are you in?

Use your voice to oppose the following bills that create unnecessary restrictions and interfere with personal health care decisions:

❌  LB 781 – Bans abortions at six weeks
❌  LB 933 – Bans abortions if Roe v Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court
❌  LB 1086 – Restricts access to medication abortion

These attempts to ban abortion will be heard by the Judiciary Committee this Thursday, February 24 beginning at 1:30 pm.

Your voice matters on this issue. Now is the time for bold action and loud voices to protect our freedoms and ability to have control over our own bodies!

Creating a just and equitable world means not allowing further restrictions on abortion care. As an organization working to address gender-based inequities, we urge you to oppose these bills and allow women and pregnant people the right to make choices over their own bodies without political interference.

Take action today by submitting online comments as “opponents” on each of these bills! You can amplify your support for reproductive health care by downloading any of our shareable graphics and posting them to your social accounts.

Bonus Action Item!

As if gender and racial justice weren’t already at the forefront of the day on February 24, LB 1077 (introduced by Senator Ben Hansen) which would censor discussions on race and gender in public schools will be heard by the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs CommitteeSubmit an online comment as an opponent by noon on February 23 to stop this censorship.