Protect Your Right to Bodily Autonomy

The fight for our rights is not over.

On Monday, an amendment was filed onto LB 574, the gender-affirming care ban, that rewrites the bill to now include a ban on abortion after about 10 weeks of pregnancy. While continuing to push through this discriminatory bill against trans youth, anti-abortion legislators are attempting once again to further restrict abortions.

A reminder that you have a human right to bodily autonomy—being trans or pregnant doesn’t change that. Contact your senator now to oppose LB 574.

LB 574 is currently on Final Reading. To amend this bill, it has to be pulled back to Select File (second round debate). If the amendment is successful, it would then go back to Final Reading. This is all to say that the legislature is spending the remaining limited days of the session spending even more time attempting to take away our rights while sidestepping the legislative process to assert their control over our bodies and lives.

It’s time to loudly reject this political interference into our health care.

Together, we must continue to protect our freedoms to make our own decisions about our bodies, lives and futures. Floor debate on LB 574 could be scheduled any day. Don’t wait—contact your senator every day to oppose LB 574. Now is the time to make our voices heard in support of all Nebraskans’ rights to have control over our own health care.

It will take all of us, showing up and using our voices to protect our freedoms and our rights!