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You are almost half way through the 30 Days of Action! Collective work and impact starts with you and is sustained by you. What conversations have you had? Who have you invited to take action?

There are some topics this week that might challenge everything you thought you knew. There is information that highlights sexual violence and could be triggering to some. Please take care of yourself. We’ve built in a pause on October 15 that we hope will build some space around the heaviness. Please remember to take care of yourself in a way that makes sense for you.

Here are the actions for this week (Monday-Sunday). Click through each day to find out more about what steps to take and why:

October 12: Learn About the Land You Live On
October 13: Advocate for Workplace Equity
October 14: Know Your Rights and Support Survivors
October 15: Pause to Replenish – HALF WAY!!!
October 16: Understand Sex Education
October 17: Support Black Women Authors
October 18: Start a Conversation with a Young Person in Your Life

Change is hard. Progress takes time. Keep pushing forward. Refuse to be silent. You’ve got this!

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