Support Trans Youth

Today, the Education Committee of the Nebraska Legislature voted to advanced LB 575 to the floor for full debate. As soon as tomorrow this bill could be on the agenda and would ban trans youth from playing sports and deny them access to some spaces in schools.

Contact your Senator now to oppose LB 575 to ensure that Nebraska students can live safely and freely as they are—especially in schools.

While this is framed by some as “protecting women’s and girls’ sports,” we know better and directly call out this hateful measure for what it actually is—a discriminatory attempt to target an already-marginalized group rather than to promote equity and safety in school sports for women and girls. We know who is perpetuating gender-based violence in our communities, and we can clearly see who and what systems are impeding our progress toward gender equity.

Join us in rallying against gender-based oppression and rejecting any effort to enshrine sex discrimination against an especially vulnerable group. Work with us to decidedly put an end to this attempt to co-opt women’s rights to oppress others.

Trans youth belong in Nebraska. Now is the time to join together, reject this bill and make our state a place where all can live, work and play. Contact your senator right now and ask them to vote no on LB 575.