Photo of Sarah Rowe from Today's Omaha Woman magazine.

Sarah Rowe

Mutable Forms

Cover Art By Sarah Rowe

The cover art was produced by Visual Artist Sarah Rowe and celebrates our kinship with animals and connection to the cosmos. The painting is a bold dreamscape of birds, horses and falling stars. The large cross is a Lakota symbol for star and creates a doorway to the vibrant sky above. Rowe is a visual artist based in Omaha, Nebraska. Her work opens cross-cultural dialogues by utilizing methods of painting, printmaking, textiles, performance and Native American ceremony in unconventional ways. Rowe projects her vision of contemporary Indigenous experience into the mix with an offbeat enchantment. Her imagined landscapes are bold and vibrant, containing a shapeshifting bestiary of tales both familiar and strange. Rowe holds a BA in Studio Art from Webster University, studying in St. Louis, Missouri and Vienna, Austria. She is of Lakota and Ponca descent.