Teonne A. Clark

A Woman of Worth: Purposed and Perfect for a Pandemic

Art by Teonne A. Clark

Teonne A. Clark is an Artist, Photographer, Marketer, Multimedia (web, print, video) Graphic Designer / Developer and Music Freak. A lover of all things creative. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and in Graphic Design from Dana College and Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, specializing in Advertising from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.

She is an enthusiastic and professional multimedia creative with a solid background in marketing, photography, graphic design and web development. Experienced in developing and implementing print, social and mobile media campaigns, art direction, event planning and photography.

HER “WHY” . . .

For Teonne, art and design are a great way to visually communicate thoughts and ideas. She began painting as a means of dealing with today’s societal tragedies and social trauma.

She’s a creative person, a true designer at heart and loves to pick up a paintbrush and camera. Looking at the intersections of photography, typography and printmaking, she has chosen to work with the components of acrylics, contemporary photography, imagery and graphic design.

The arts foster creative and critical thinking, self-discipline and lifelong learning skills. Her goal is to provide support in the creation and presentation of student works of art and to provide comprehensive art experiences to empower all students to enrich their understanding of themselves and the world.