Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It

This upcoming election, our basic rights are on the line.  

Our right to vote.
Our right to earn a living wage.
Our right to have control over our own bodies.
Our right for our children and grandchildren to learn in safe and inclusive learning communities. 

Are you ready to vote like your rights depend on it? 

Register to vote today, if you haven’t already. Check on your request for an early ballot and get informed on every candidate running for office. is a non-partisan, easy to use tool to find what’s on your ballot and what candidates have to say about the issues.  

Now is not the time to sit in the overwhelming sadness and apathy. We must act. We must vote in our best interests for ourselves and our families. It’s what others have been doing for as long as we can remember and now is our time to take our power to the polls. This upcoming election, use your vote to make real change in our communities.