Welcome Women’s Fund Circles Class 12

Circles is a diverse network of professionals who support the mission of the Women’s Fund to improve the lives of all women, girls and anyone facing gender-based oppression in our community while creating a space where members can build authentic relationships with one another. With a shared vision, Circles members intentionally create a community that builds bold and affirming spaces to create authentic relationships and develop leadership. Throughout a three-year term, Circles members are invited to cultivate relationships and leverage a community that supports and empowers each other.

For the second year, we received a record number of applications. We are so proud to welcome the following individuals to Circles Class 12:

Abby Hughes
Alexandria Mitchell*
Alisha Shelton
Amanda Sirian
Ameshia Doll-Weier
Armalita Dosseh
Caitlin Finn
Callie Kanthack
Candide Villard-Santiago
Chelsea Souder
Cinthia I. Sanchez Orozco
Claudia Munoz-Najar
Crystal Vaught
Dayana Hurtado
Deborah Dancer
Dr. DérNeciaPhillips

Deziree Medina
Diana Hernandez-Granillo
Dominique Whitehead
Emma Poulas
Erin Burke
Gabriela Pedroza
Gina Ponce
Itzel Lopez
Jaimee Trobough
Jessi Hitchins
Jordan Greiser
Karishma Reddy
Katherine Griffen
K.D. Thompson
Kelsey Witherspoon
Lizzie Hudson

Lizzie Mensinger
Magdalena Betancourt
Natalia Tu
Nicole Robinson
Rowena Cage
Sarah Dee Hollibaugh
Sarah Phelps
Shameah Sayed
Shereece Dendy-Sanders
Tinya Nielsen
Toccara Nicole Steele
Toni Monette
Tricia Keck
Vanessa Martinez-Hernandez

Learn more about this leadership initiative and see the full list ofCircles members. Applications for the next class will open in Summer 2024.

*We mourn the tragic loss of Alexandria, who was taken from this world far too soon. She was an incoming member of Circles Class 12 and an emerging leader in our community. As our community processes this senseless tragedy, we want share resources that are available to those in situations of intimate partner or domestic violence. The Women’s Center for Advancement’s hotline is open 24/7 at 402-345-7273 or you can text HOME to 741741 to reach a crisis counselor.