We’re doing it!

Correction—you are doing it!

The 30 Days of Action is to meant to inspire, inform and guide you to take action to make real change in our community. These are small sparks that will ignite large fires (hopefully not the dumpster kind…we’re looking at you 2020). But it is also our hope that you will carry this with you beyond this month, by staying involved and continuing to take action.

Are you tracking your progress on the Action Calendar? Share your updated calendar on social media to encourage others and open the door to important conversations. Together, we can catalyze this community and create deep and lasting change for all Nebraskans.

This week’s actions with additional information includes:

October 19: Practice Anti-Racism
October 20: Attend Virtual Coffee and Conversation Event (Register Now!)
October 21: Write Your Own #WCW
October 22: Highlight Your Pronouns Online
October 23: Purchase Women’s Fund Swag
October 24: Vote Early
October 25: Diversify Your News and Social Media Feeds

We need your unique voice and perspectives to make impactful change. And we need you to amplify strong voices who are calling for these changes in our community. Some of our favorite, local voices to follow on social media include:





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