The Women’s Fund of Omaha publishes Today’s Omaha Woman magazine to educate readers about issues our research has identified as being important to local women. Since its debut in 1997, the magazine has covered a wide array of topics, including child care, pay equity, domestic partner violence, caring for aging parents, women-owned businesses, women’s health issues and more.

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tow_fall-2016_anniversary-issue_final_cover**20th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE**

One Million Magazines in Two Decades: Tackling the Tough Issues and Raising the Bar

In this issue of Today’s Omaha Woman, we delve into solutions for work-life harmony and ask, “What does it take to create a happy, productive work environment?”

We explore local companies in Omaha who take work-life harmony—and their company cultures—very seriously. These companies have learned that treating people well and with respect makes employees loyal and highly productive, and that this translates into overall company success.

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Past Issues

Summer 2016: Finding Work-Life Harmony

TOW_Summer 2016_CoverFinding Work-Life Harmony – Summer 2016

In this issue of Today’s Omaha Woman, we delve into solutions for work-life harmony and ask, “What does it take to create a happy, productive work environment?”

We explore local companies in Omaha who take work-life harmony—and their company cultures—very seriously. These companies have learned that treating people well and with respect makes employees loyal and highly productive, and that this translates into overall company success.

Read the issue online

Spring 2016: Women in Leadership

TOW_April 2016_profile picWomen in Leadership – Spring 2016

Twenty years ago, the Women’s Fund of Omaha published its first Women & Leadership report. That 1996 report highlighted how many women held top positions in corporations, what the gender mix looked like in elected offices and who held leadership positions on both paid and volunteer boards. The news, unsurprisingly, was not good.

That report was updated in 2006—showing only marginal improvement for women in leadership roles—and it is now being updated once more. The full 2016 report will be released in early May.

This issue delves into multigenerational workforces, intentional leadership, and diversity in the workplace while feature profiles on prominent leaders in our community who are working to move the needle.

Read the issue online

Winter 2016: The Advocacy Issue

The Advocacy Issue – Winter 2016

For the past 19 years, the Women’s Fund of Omaha has advocated for issues of importance to women and girls by publishing Today’s Omaha Woman. Four priority advocacy areas are outlined in this issue of Today’s Omaha Woman: sex trafficking, adolescent health, pay day lending, and paid family leave.

Read the issue online

Fall 2015: Special 25th Anniversary Issue

Special 25th Anniversary Issue – Fall 2015

Twenty five years ago, the landscape in Omaha was very different for women and girls.  A small group of visionary women recognized both the need for, and potential power of, an organization focused exclusively on a wide range of women’s issues. They began raising money and succeeded in establishing the Women’s Fund.

This special edition issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Women’s Fund and highlights the accomplishments made since its inception.

Read the issue online

Summer 2015: Hello Women Entrepreneurs

Hello Women Entrepreneurs – Summer 2015


How female entrepreneurs can turn inspiration into enterprise

Read the issue online


Spring 2015: Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence, an Omaha Status Report – Spring 2015


Read the issue online.


Winter 2015: The Cliff Effect

The Cliff Effect – Winter 2015


Read the issue online


Fall 2014: Adolescent Health Project

TOWFall2014CoverAdolescent Health Project: Fall 2014

Douglas County continues to have a significantly higher rate of STDs than both the state of Nebraska and the nation. And while teen pregnancy rates have dropped in the Omaha area, racial and ethnic disparities remain more pronounced in Douglas County than in the nation.

Read this issue to learn how the Adolescent Health Project seeks to reduce STDs and teen pregnancy, what local research shows, why accurate and comprehensive education is critical, and how local community leaders are taking action.

Read the issue online.


Summer 2014: Ethics and Leadership

TOWSummer2014CoverIntegrating Integrity: Summer 2014

Good ethics are good business for Omaha women. Hear from area leaders on how they incorporate ethics into their businesses and why it’s important.

Also in this issue: Meet Sallie Krawcheck, entrepreneur and former high-profile Wall Street executive who was the keynote speaker for the Oct. 23 Women’s Fund Fall Luncheon; learn about Gail DeBoer and Karen Goracke, honorary co-chairs for the Fund Fall Luncheon; and find out what Women’s Fund Circles is all about.

Read the issue online.

Spring 2014: Financial Independence

TOWSpring2014CoverFinancial Independence: Spring 2014

It’s never too late to improve your financial situation. Experts share their advice for building a financial foundation during early career years, working toward long-term goals during the middle years, and planning for retirement.

This issue also includes names of more than 220 outstanding women and girls who were recognized during the Women’s Fund of Omaha’s Leading the Change tribute campaign.

Read the issue online.

Winter 2014: Advocating for Change


Learn about what it takes to run for political office, as well as how to get involved on a campaign as a volunteer.

Additional articles focus on how to become an advocate for an issue that’s important to you, as well as why it’s important for more women to run for political office.

Read the issue online.

Fall 2013: Taking Charge

Learn how to discover the leader in you and take charge. Whether it’s leading in the corporate world, taking part in networking and leadership groups, or encouraging leadership in girls, this issue is full of valuable information and resources. Read the Issue Online

Summer 2013: Reinvent Yourself

Looking for a career change? Maybe you’re feeling frustrated, unchallenged or unfilled in your current job. Or perhaps you are ready to pursue your dreams. Whatever the circumstance, there’s a lot to think about when considering such a move. Read the Issue Online

Spring 2013: The State of Women in Omaha

Employment, poverty and financial literacy are the top issues facing Omaha women. The Spring 2013 issue of Today’s Omaha Woman magazine takes an in-depth look at these issues and how local organizations are helping women overcome barriers to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Read the Issue Online

Winter 2013: Brave New World - More and More Women Enter Trade Careers

Following is a summary of the top stories from the Winter 2013 “Brave New World – More and More Women Enter Trade Careers” issue. Read the Issue Online

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