2020 Legislative Update: August 4

It’s been a spirited two weeks of the resumed Legislative session. In addition to lengthy debates on several bills, Senator Machaela Cavanaugh, Senator Adam Morfeld and a few of their colleagues have been advocating for COVID-19 relief policies via amendments to already existing bills. While their valiant attempts ultimately failed, please reach out to show your support of these efforts to provide Nebraskans with pandemic relief. There is still much to be done and more action to take this session. Be sure to use your voice and reach out to your Senator!

Survivors Supported through Legislation

The overall state budget bill passed last week, which included funding to support timely processing of sexual assault kits. Additionally, the Nebraska Legislature passed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights (LB 43). These are important steps in supporting survivors of sexual assault. Call or email your Senator today to thank them for supporting survivors of sexual assault!

Natural Hair Non-Discrimination Bill Needs Push to Finish

LB 1060 would promote workplaces free of racial discrimination. Under this law, it would be illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee’s natural hair. This bill still needs your support to help it across the finish line. In this time of racial reckoning, this is an important step to promote racial equity in our workplaces.

Read our fact sheet and get additional resources from our partners at I Be Black Girl about who to contact and sample scripts of how to advocate to end natural hair discrimination in the workplace. You can also contact the Governor to encourage him to sign the bill into law.

Opposition to Abortion Ban Continues – Contact Your Senator NOW!

LB 814 to ban a method of abortion will come up for additional debate sometime this week – likely Wednesday. We trust women to make medical decisions that are best for themselves and their families. This bill puts politics between a woman and their doctor and puts reproductive health care further out of reach for people across the state. Contact your Senator (email or phone) and let them know you oppose this bill.

There are just six working days of the session left. Keep going. Keep using your voice. Keep pushing for policies that work for women! We appreciate you and could not do this work without you!