30 Days of Action – Influencer Kit


Collectively, we can make a bigger impact.

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary—and to continue to move our work forward—we are launching 30 Days of Action on October 1.  Your involvement in amplifying and participating in the 30 Days of Action will help to build on the movements happening all around. This could look like:

  • Tracking your progress via our Action Calendar
  • Sharing the Women’s Fund social posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Posting about your participation on your own social channels (sample copy below)
  • Adding a frame to your Facebook profile picture. Click here and search “30 Days of Action”
  • Inviting your friends and family to participate in the 30 Days of Action

This work begins with each of us as individuals. Join us!



Now is the moment to challenge systems and to create solutions for gender and racial equity. Join me in participating in the Women’s Fund 30 Days of Action starting on October 1. OmahaWomensFund.org/30-Days-of-Action

Rather than rush back to what we had in the before times, what if we built a better future for the next generation? This work starts with me and it starts with the Women’s Fund 30 Days of Action. Who’s with me? OmahaWomensFund.org/30-Days-of-Action

Have you been looking for more to do than just listening and learning? I’m ready to take action! Join me for the Women’s Fund 30 Days of Action! I’ll be participating from now through October 30. Who’s with me? OmahaWomensFund.org/30-Days-of-Action


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