4 Ways to Advocate for Abortion Access in Nebraska

Every person—no matter where they live, how much money they make or how they identify—should have the freedom to make decisions about their own personal health care.

The recent SCOTUS decision that threatens our right to control over our own bodies has us RAGING. Looking to channel the rage you feel? Here are four ways to get involved right now to keep abortion access in Nebraska:

1. Contact Your Senator »

Any further restrictions on abortion access in Nebraska would require action by the Nebraska Legislature, either through a special session or when they reconvene next January. Don’t wait for either of those to happen. Using your voice right now—even if you have just five minutes—to share your viewpoint and values can be impactful in shaping a state senator’s understanding of, and position on, any issue. No matter how your senator has voted on reproductive rights before, they need to hear from you now. Make the time count by contacting your senator directly to share your thoughts on why abortion access in Nebraska matters to you. Find your senator, and look up their email or phone number online.

2. Amplify Your Advocacy Online »

For too long, abortion has been stigmatized and people have been shamed for making decisions about their own bodies. Join the chorus of those who support people making their own health care decisions by sharing your thoughts online. Let’s make it clear that we get to decide what happens to our own bodies and GET LOUD! We’ve created graphics for you to download that makes sharing on your own social media easy.

 3. Write a Letter to the Editor » 

Your voice matters. By writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, you are helping others to relate to the issue and let them know that the majority of Nebraskans support access to abortion. These letters help shape public opinion and can even reach elected officials!

4. Get Connected to Abortion Rights Advocacy Organizations »

Did you know there are organizations already working to protect your right to abortion in Nebraska? Some of our partners in this work include ACLU of NebraskaI Be Black GirlPlanned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska and Nebraska Abortion Resources. Amplify their work. Sign-up for their emails. Donate if you can–the revolution needs funded.

Together, we can work toward the liberation and freedom of all people—freedom from gender-based violence and oppression, freedom to access the information we need, and freedom to make decisions about our own bodies. These freedoms will allow us all to have the opportunities to reach our full potential. And to reach gender and racial equity in our communities, we need your voice.

Now is the time to get engaged to ensure abortion remains available in Nebraska!