Dismantling White Supremacy in our Community

We join women’s funds and foundations across the country in standing with Black communities in the affirmation of Black lives and vow to work with all who envision a world free from the institutions and violence perpetrated by racism and patriarchy. As a white-led organization staffed by mostly white identities, it is our responsibility and role to call out white supremacy and the way it shows up in our community.

We stand with the family of James Scurlock and have made a donation to his family as they seek justice and accountability for his death. We also stand with those who are using their voices to demand accountability and strive for justice. We have also made a donation to the Black & Pink Bail Fund to support those who were arrested during protests and demonstrations in Nebraska.

We understand that the outcomes of state violence are woven deeply into the lived experience of Black people and are gratefully following the lead of Black women in our community. As supporters of the Women’s Fund, we ask you to do the same.

Amplify voices of Black leaders.

Spend your dollars with Black-owned businesses.

Give generously to organizations on the frontline of change.

Donate to bail funds to support protestors who are demanding to be heard.

Learn and unlearn from anti-racism resources.

Register to vote.

As white people, we need to be held accountable to ourselves, our families and our communities. This requires that we reflect on how our power and privilege show up every day and that we examine inequities in our communities and the racist public policies that keep those inequities in place. Depending on where white folks are in their understanding of their own racial identity, this learning and unlearning can be uncomfortable. That is normal, and we must lean into that discomfort.

Now is the time for solidarity in fighting systems of gender equity and also in explicitly calling for an end to the intersectional, destructive and divisive systems of racism and oppression.