Legislative Update: January 19

The Nebraska Legislature began this year’s short session of the biennium earlier this month. After tomorrow, all bills will be introduced. See a review below of the new bills introduced to date as well as carryover bills from last year that impact gender justice. Find your senator and get ready to use your voice to let your elected officials know just how you feel about each!

Here are some of the key bills we’re focusing on:

New Bills Introduced this Session

  • Support LB 715 (Sen. Megan Hunt) to repeal a state restriction that forces Nebraskans with private insurance to purchase additional optional coverage for abortion care.
  • Support LB 716 (Sen. Hunt) to allow Certified Nurse-Midwives, APRNs and physician assistants to provide abortion care.
  • Support LB 772 (Sen. Jen Day) to protect survivors of sexual violence from debt collectors.
  • Support LB 881 (Sen. Terrell McKinney) to remove sales tax on menstrual products and require detention facilities to provide these items for free.
  • Support LB 930 (Sen. Hunt) to allow candidates running for elected office to utilize campaign funds to cover child care expenses.
  • Support LB 1009 (Sen. Tom Brandt) to establish a domestic abuse death review team.
  • Support LB 1129 (Sen. Adam Morfeld) to provide free birth control to all Nebraskans.
  • Oppose LB 768 (Sen. Joni Albrecht) would prohibit the State Board of Education from enacting life-saving health education standards. Learn more about the how complete and effective health education supports students.
    • Additionally, the Governor has outlined in the state’s budget (LB 1011) restrictions of state funds used for “research, adoption, drafting or implementation of state sex education standards” by the Board of Education. We’ll continue to advocate for high-quality, effective health education for all young people.
  • Oppose LB 781 (Sen. Julie Slama) and LB 933 (Sen. Albrecht) that would ban abortions and harm those who are already marginalized in our society, including people with low incomes, people of color, young people, LGBTQ+ individuals and people in many rural communities, by pushing health care out of reach.
  • Oppose LB 963 (Sen. Dave Murman) that would allow doctors to discriminate against patients by denying medical care due to personal beliefs.
  • Oppose LB 1077 (Sen. Ben Hansen) that censor discussion on race and gender in public education.
  • Oppose LB 1086 (Sen. Suzanne Geist) that add medically unnecessary restrictions to medical abortion.

What happens next? We’ll let you know when these bills are scheduled for committee hearings. In the meantime, contact your Senator now and let them know how you feel about these bills.

Carryover Bills from Last Session

  • Support LB 20 (Sen. Carol Blood) to reduce barriers to birth control by providing insurance coverage for up to six months at a time. Learn more (English / Spanish) »
  • Support LB 118 (Sen. Morfeld) to extend the duration of protection orders from one to five years. Learn more (English / Spanish) »
  • Support LB 249 (Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks) to disrupt the cycle of race and gender wage pay discrimination by removing salary history from the hiring process. Learn more (English / Spanish) »
  • Support LB 290 (Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh) to create an insurance program for businesses to provide paid family and medical leave. Learn more (English / Spanish) »

Four Ways to Share Your Voice on the Issues

To reach gender and racial equity in our communities, we need your voice on these issues. In addition to testifying in-person during a committee hearing, there are four easy ways to engage on bills:

Call Your Senator »

Email Your Senator »

Submit An Online Comment »

Amplify Your Advocacy Online »

We are working toward the liberation and freedom of all people—freedom from gender-based violence, freedom to access the information we need and the freedom to make decisions about our own bodies. These freedoms will allow us all to have the opportunities to reach our full potential. Together, we can make a big impact for our community through public policies that support gender and racial justice. Let’s go!

Join us on Friday, January 21 at noon as we share more about the bills introduced at the Nebraska Legislature and how you can get involved in public policy that supports gender justice. Register now!