Make Your Voting Plan Today

This Midterm Election, Nebraskans are not only voting for lawmakers and elected officials, but will also vote on a few important ballot initiatives, too. Here is some information on how these issues impact gender and racial equity in our state. 

Vote “FOR” Measure 433 to raise the minimum wage in Nebraska.

This ballot initiative, if passed, would gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2026, benefiting hard-working Nebraskans with the biggest benefit to adult women with families living in or near poverty. A higher minimum wage will boost workers’ paychecks and bring Nebraska closer to gender and racial equity, as women, especially women of color, are more likely to work in underpaid jobs and therefore more likely to benefit from a higher minimum wage. The Women’s Fund is part of a statewide coalition, Raise the Wage Nebraska, supporting ballot initiative 433. 

Vote “AGAINST” Measure 432 and reject discriminatory voter ID requirements.

If passed, initiative 432 would enact some of the country’s strictest voting restrictions. Requiring photo ID in order to vote places unnecessary hurdles in the way of people exercising their right to vote. Strict voter ID would have untold complications and consequences for many Nebraskans, with the burden falling hardest on low-income women, young people, communities of color, Nebraskans with disabilities and the elderly. Voting is a right for everyone, and we must work to protect this right so all our voices can be heard. Vote AGAINST MEASURE 432 and reject unnecessary and discriminatory voter ID requirements.   

Make your plan now to vote and learn about what’s on your ballot. If you requested an early ballot to be mailed to your house, fill it out today and drop off your ballot at one of several drop boxes around Douglas County by 8:00 pm on Election Day. You can also vote early in-person (if you did not request a ballot to be mailed to your house). Voting early in-person at your election office is happening now until November 7.  

Know your options, get informed and vote like your rights depend on it