Opportunities to Support the Women’s Fund

Our work to reach gender equity is a collaborative effort. From community leaders and advocates to staff, Circles, Board members and beyond, it takes all of us to create change, hold systems accountable and push the movement forward. Here are a few ways you can get involved and support our work: 

Apply to be Part of Circles

For more than a decade, Women’s Fund Circles members have helped to advance the mission of our organization and amplified our work in the community. Circles is a diverse network of community members who support the mission of the Women’s Fund to improve the lives of all women, girls and anyone facing gender-based oppression in our community while creating a space where members can build authentic relationships with one another. If you’re looking to be part of a diverse network of leaders and advocates who care about gender and racial equity, consider applying to be part of Circles when applications open this summer. 

Use your Voice to Advocate for Gender Equity 

Your voice matters, and there is no more powerful force than when allies for gender justice join together to advocate for all. If you have lived experience, expertise or just an opinion that aligns with your lived values, reach out to your state senator and encourage them to support issues that are important to you! If you have five minutes or five hours, you can make a difference. Liberation is a group project and it’s on all of us to stay engaged and stay in the work to create real and lasting change.

Invest in our Work 

While women and girls represent 50.8% of the population, nonprofits dedicated to supporting women and girls only receive 1.9% of all charitable contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. That isn’t nearly enough. To create a world where gender equity is realized, we need more resources.  When you invest in the work of the Women’s Fund, you are making an investment in the entire community. Join us by supporting our work to address gender-based inequities. 

Call out Injustices at Every Turn 

Nearly every day there is a new attack on our rights, bodies and futures. We cannot allow these attacks to become normalized. We are not just members of organizations; we are members of a society. And as a free society, we should have control over our own futures. Together, we must hold on to our freedoms to make personal decisions without political interference. Speak out against evil when it shows up the first time. Hold elected officials accountable for discriminatory legislation and votes they take that reverse progress made for gender equity.  

Believe Survivors 

Almost 1 in 3 women will survive sexual violence in their lifetime. Many survivors will not come forward for fear of shame, not being believed or being re-victimized. When people take the bold step to speak out against the sexual violence they have experienced, it takes bravery, resilience and a fierce hope that their words will make the world a better place. 

If you have, or know someone who has, experienced sexual violence know that you are not alone. Free and confidential help is available. Find out how to report a sexual assault anonymously and what resources are available to you. 

Thank you—for showing up, speaking up and supporting us. Together, we can advance gender equity for all.